April 23, 2021

SEO SECRET John Andrews SEO Secrets

Matt Cutts probably thought it was an amazing opportunity to be Google’s spokesperson to the SEO community. There’s no doubt it’s been…shall we say “interesting”, but I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t call it his ideal job. The Google millions probably make up for any downside, though. A while ago it seemed Matt really cared about earnest webmasters. But once it became clear he was learning the propaganda game and getting all political with that big WebMasterUniverse site, I felt pretty sure he wouldn’t be there when Google eventually pulled the rug out from under the little guys. His blog is very popular, but the comments are either from righteous whiners, black helicopter conspiracy theorists, or webmasters so ignorant of commercial webmastering you have to wonder how they survive…until you suddenly realize why Google makes so much money from their contextual advertising program. Lately it seems the Black Hats are winning the game in Google.

(SEO Secrets is dedicated to the SEO Community. Their story needs to be told, too.)


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