Serenity Smart Bag Guardian

Andrew Lentz has designed a new smart bag guardian called Serenity that can connect to your smartphone and provide you with notifications when your back is open, being left behind or even his last known position.

Serenity has been designed to automatically grant owner recognition and deters others from opening or moving your bag when it is unattended. Watch the video below to learn more about the inspiration, design and functionality of Serenity.
Its creator Lentz explains more about the design of Serenity :

We’ve all had the choice: Do I lock my things up or, am I willing to be chained to them with a nervous paranoia? Our bags exist to bring along the stuff we want to use, yet keeping a constant eye on them is stressful. And let’s be honest, we humans make poor watchdogs. With Serenity, your bag will enjoy better than human protection, and you, can focus on the better things in life. Oh, and you won’t be forgetting your bag anymore either.

Instead of trying to find your bag AFTER it is lost, Serenity enables your bag to automatically recognize its owners, and deters others from moving or opening it. Serenity also notifies your smartphone or wearable if you are about to leave your bag behind. But having to turn something on and off all the time would also be inconvenient, so we made it automatic. Keeping The Proverbial ‘Eye-Out’, So You Don’t Have To.

Source: Kickstarter

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