Seven-storey building in Sydney gets engulfed in fire, rescue underway

By India Today World Desk: A seven-storey multi-level building near Central station in Australia’s Sydney caught fire this afternoon and was entirely engulfed by flames within a matter of hours. The massive fire has reportedly spread across several residential buildings in the vicinity.

The building, located on Randle Street in Surry Hills, has entirely gone up in flames. An onlooker told the media that he saw parts of the building falling off as the building slowly disappeared into thick plumes of smoke.

Fire and rescue crews have reached the scene, while the roads around the site have been closed for commuting. More than 100 firefighters and 20 fire trucks have been deployed at the spot to get the fire under control. Video footage released by FRNSW (Fire and Rescue New South Wales) shows the moment a wall from an engulfed building in Surry Hills came crashing down onto the street below.

The FRNSW team said it started receiving several calls since 4 pm, with frantic callers reporting the fire.

The New South Wales (NSW) police have issued a warning asking people to avoid the area around the site.

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