Shastro & friends LIVE – The Center of Sound Meditation (Full version)

Shastro & friends LIVE – The Center of Sound Meditation (Full version)

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This music meditation – held at the Sound & Silence festival in Corfu, Greece – comprises of four parts:

The FIRST section is Shastro’s introduction to the meditation where he talks about how we can use the senses – in this particular case the hearing – as a doorway to our inner world. Senses are there to help us perceive the “outer world” – but as any door will allow you to go outside, it will also let you go inside, it opens in both directions. Therefore they can be used as a tool for the exploration of inner consciousness.

The SECOND section is Shastro’s playing a shorter impro on bansuri flute.

In the THIRD section he is joined by Lyra player and composer Luis Paniagua, who was also one of the presenters and held his own beautiful concert the next day.

In the FOURTH section Shastro is joined by mantras & chants singer Sudha, who played a concert at the festival three days later.

The music in all three sets was improvised, springing from the present moment.

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