Should you kill Jacob and Taylor in Cyberpunk 2077?

If you’re wondering whether you should trust or kill Jacob and Taylor when you first meet them in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty, you’re not alone. During the main quest, Lucretia My Reflection, you’ll find a hideout which gives you and Myers a little breather from all the excitement up until this point. That is until Jacob and Taylor show up.

The unsuspecting duo walk into the place where you and the president have holed up. As you don’t know them, and your mission is to protect the president at all costs, it’s a reasonable assumption that these two might be after your ward—you have a choice to make. Should you trust or kill Jacob and Taylor? Here’s what you need to know to help with your decision.

Should you kill Jacob and Taylor?  

The choice you make here doesn’t seem to matter as the eventual outcome is the same. You don’t gain anything from killing them though, other than a double-barrel shotgun and some Eurodollars, so trusting them is probably the better option—Jacob will also explain to you how airdrops work the next morning too

During the Lucretia My Reflection quest after you arrive in the hideout, and have a drink—or not—with the president, two strange guys, Jacob and Taylor walk in, clearly expecting the place to be empty. Naturally, the president immediately feels threatened and pulls out her weapon but you have the chance to intercede.

If you want to trust Jacob and Taylor, you’ll get a couple of timed dialogue options which you’ll need to press before they expire. Turns out they’re pretty chatty, and they’ll hang around the hideout for a while. That is, until a specific story-related event happens and you find both of them dead.If you play it safe and kill Jacob and Taylor, you can loot them before disposing of the bodies down a laundry chute.

If you get too close to either of them, they’ll start firing on you whether or not you successfully hit the dialogue options in time, so don’t do anything silly unless you’re happy to live—or die—with the consequences. Either that or load a previous save and try again. 

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