Si Thanh wearing a shirt to cover the “natural court” was contradicted

Si Thanh wearing a shirt to cover the “natural court” was contradicted

Sunday, March 21, 2021 19:59 PM (GMT + 7)

Si Thanh is famous for his daring fashion style, he does not hesitate to promote controversial fashions.

Si Thanh is a fashionista with open chest style that used to “make rain and wind” in the fashion village.

Si Thanh is a beauty with a bold fashion style that has become a trademark. She is known as “the sexiest dwarf mushroom in Vbiz” because the beauty chooses a sexy image, often promotes fashion styles not everyone dares to choose. The most recent is the underboob wear. Although it is not a new “trend”, but this costume style still fascinates women.

Si Thanh combines an open-breasted croptop with high waistband pants of the same material.

Here, Si Thanh chooses to design a leather off-shoulder crotop to reveal chest legs and impressive tattoos on the ribs. She paired with matching brown pants, the same brown color and used Louis Vuitton’s hip bag. Besides the commendable comments, there were also dissatisfied comments with the way Si Thanh was dressed. The underboob style itself has many people complimenting it.

Besides compliments, there are also mixed comments about the way she wears.

Underboob – fashion of a daring girl

The trend of dress division is not only available until now, in fact it has been interwoven in the way of costume styling since ancient times. However, it was not until human notions about daring clothes changed that they became more and more popular. The underboob style also belongs to this cleavage trend, typically with open-chest shape.

Underboob-style outfits open up a bold fashion trend.

They are popular for showing off the sexy beauty of women in a new way. Moreover, girls who do not stand out with big breasts can still show physical beauty. Especially when it comes to summer, croptop or open-breasted bikini are “invaded” everywhere. Not only famous stars like to wear, but ordinary girls also love it.

This fashion has been promoted by many famous stars to contribute to becoming a trend.

Not always being loved

Although popular, underboob items are not always praised. Some people shared that they felt that the clothes could not hold their chest, causing it to sag. She looked like she was wearing a baby swimwear and had to force her body to fit into it.

Therefore, it is also not safe for your movement, lacking in applicability. Just raise your hand and you’ve got a problem you shouldn’t have. Seems like this outfit is just for photography purposes.

Underboob is not a fashion that suits everyone.

Others asserted: “Sexy is when you feel confident in what you are wearing, not everyone is suitable for all trends”. In addition, some places also prohibit women from appearing in underboob clothes. The online platform Twitch prohibits livestreams from wearing this style, proving that this trend is not easily accepted.

Underboob clothing is prohibited in some places and even during livestreams.

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Dressing even though it caused a stir in the gym, the mother of a daughter fell in love with her son

These shirts of unknown use are promoted by women when they go to the gym.


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