Simone Meschnig Calming Sound Meditation

Simone Meschnig Calming Sound Meditation

#Simone #Meschnig #Calming #Sound #Meditation

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The Sanctuary is a meditation centre for social change in the heart of Dublin City:

The Sanctuary originated with a focus on personal well-being; and indeed continues to offer courses on yoga, mindfulness, meditation and drop in sessions for those seeking to maintain their balance: both physically and mentally.

However, what is most inspiring is the way the Sanctuary reflects Stan’s mission for social change.

The Sanctuary has evolved organically over the years to include mindfulness programmes for schools, programmes for carers and those working on the frontlines of society. Moreover, it offers tailored programmes for commercial organisations, charities, workplace and management teams.

All its courses are inspired by a deep and heartfelt wish and vision to change culture through compassionate action, ultimately helping to create a more resilient society.

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#Simone #Meschnig #Calming #Sound #Meditation,[vid_tags]

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