Skyrim Player Makes Incredible Real-Life Version of the Game’s Logo out of Metal


Skyrim fans continue to showcase their creativity with a stunning metal sculpture of the game’s logo, displaying impressive craftsmanship skills. The Skyrim logo, iconic in The Elder Scrolls series, holds symbolic significance and represents the Dragonborn and the state of The Empire. While the metal sculpture garnered admiration from fans, it is unlikely to be mass-produced for sale due to its specialized nature and the creator’s limited capacity.

A Skyrim fan showed off their real-life crafting skills by creating an impressive metal sculpture of the game’s logo. While Bethesda’s Starfield has been stealing fans’ attention since its release, it seems that some fans still have time for the 2011 classic.

Skyrim initially launched all the way back in 2011, making it twelve years old this November. For better or worse, there is no denying that Skyrim played a significant role in shaping the modern game industry. The years also haven’t made the diehard fans any less enthusiastic about the open-world action RPG. The game’s fanbase has created no shortage of art over the years, though there is still room to be surprised by what Skyrim fans can accomplish.

Reddit user DuctTapeHero recently showed off their impressive metal sculpture of Skyrim’s dragon logo. The emblem is 12 inches tall by six inches wide and cast in a 75/25 aluminum-zinc alloy. The artist 3D printed a model of the symbol, then used that as the mold for a sand cast in which to pour the metal. One eagle-eyed commenter claimed they could see some of the lines from the 3D printing. However, it is hard to distinguish them from the deliberate texturing DuctTapeHero included in the piece.

In The Elder Scrolls setting, the Skyrim logo serves as the symbol of the Dragonborn and the Empire. A version of it appears on the cover art of The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind. However, the Skyrim version is missing the diamond over the dragon’s head and the tip of one wing. On the box art, this gives the impression of an ancient time in less-than-perfect condition. However, the broken emblem may also be a reference to the state of The Empire at this point in The Elder Scrolls timeline.

DuctTapeHero’s version of the game’s logo proved popular on the Skyrim subreddit. Fans were impressed with the level of detail, with a few commenters wishing the artist would make more available for sale. One commenter seemed familiar with this sort of metalworking and noted how difficult it must have been to fill the mold, given its unusual shape. A few others made jokes about DuctTapeHero being “the best smith in Whiterun” or asked if they were secretly Skyrim’s Eorlund Grey-Mane.

Unfortunately, it seems unlikely that anyone but the craftiest of Skyrim fans will get to own one of their own. Nothing about DuctTapeHero’s profile suggests they are in a position to mass produce them, and this isn’t the kind of piece that most people can make without specialized training. One commenter did manage to find a similar-looking item on Etsy, though that one was painted plastic instead of cast aluminum.

Skyrim is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and legacy consoles.

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