Call of Duty comes to Skyrim VR thanks to this mod

For all Skyrim fans who prefer their games to have a little more chaos when it comes to the action, a mod for the VR version basically transforms the dragon-themed fantasy RPG into Call of Duty by adding weapons. Given that Elder Scrolls 5 fans are still talking about the game more than 11 years after its release, the idea that Bethesda’s epic release could be lost in the annals of time seems almost an impossibility.

Featuring magic-based combat, dragon battles, and quests that take the hero of the land on many adventures, Skyrim wears its high fantasy aesthetic with pride. Those who have played the series over the decades have understood that swords, spells and archery are key to winning battles. However, there comes a time when fans would like to do something that goes against the traditions of the genre. One of those things might be having weapons in Tamriel.

This is exactly what Nexus Mods user MixedMartialArtist brought to the world. As noted by DSO Gaming, this Skyrim mod lets players take shots Call of Duty style for TES5, introducing weapons that make the bad guys’ jobs easier. It should be said that this is specifically for the VR version of the game, but for those who have a copy, a video from “Call of Duty – Skyrim VR” shows just how much more chaotic the fight is as the Dragonborn takes down enemy after enemy within. from a dungeon. The creator says that the mod has a reload function, with weapons having their own recoil and varying degrees of effect depending on distance. The fact that it’s also in virtual reality only adds to that war-like element of immersion.

This isn’t the first time weapons have been added to Skyrim either, which goes to show that having modern ranged weapons in an action RPG is something few others would like to see. Perhaps this is why Fallout is as popular as The Elder Scrolls, as the post-apocalyptic series offers similar RPG and open world aspects that Oblivion and Skyrim are known for, but with the option to use pistols, rifles and all kinds of ranged weapons.

Those who haven’t tried it yet might be wondering if Skyrim VR is worth it or not. While the base game is already quite immersive, having the option to wear a VR headset adds to the sense of believability. Evidently, people like MixedMartialArtist feel that this immersion can be improved with the addition of weapons.

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim – Anniversary Edition is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: DSO Gaming, Nexus Mods

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