Someone put the Armored Core 6 maps in Elden Ring, for reasons

Ever wondered what it would be like to run around the maps of Armored Core 6 with your Elden Ring character? If not, why the heck not? I’m sure this modder who imported the AC6 maps into Elden Ring surely can’t be the only one interested in exploring them, sword drawn, and ready to fight mechs with magic.

Having posted the flythrough video on their YouTube account, there’s been quite a positive response to Dropoff’s idea to waltz around the Armored Core 6  maps with their Elden Ring character. Not least as it puts the maps into a human perspective, and manages to vindicate Redditors’ praise for the AC6 graphics.

You don’t usually get a chance to appreciate the detail when you’re speeding around in your mech going pew-pew.

Recently we wrote about Armored Core 6’s biggest boss being so unimaginably huge, it’d be its own landmark on Elden Ring’s world map, but I didn’t expect someone to actually combine the two games in some cursed sci-fi/fantasy mashup.

I am still trying to understand the reasoning behind putting Armored Core 6 maps in Elden Ring, but I suppose the game modding community never did need reasons to make anything other than a whim. 

(Image credit: Dr0poff)

Considering this idea came from the same mind that brought us Shrek Strike, I am starting to understand the depravity at play here. And the fact this is the same modder who turned Grand Theft Auto’s CJ into a gigantic mech—together with their friend TKGP—just underlines my point.

I’m actually now over here wondering what it would be like to hop about in a mech across The Lands Between.

I’m not sure whether Dropoff and co will be releasing this mod for the world to enjoy, but it could happen. Maybe keep an eye on Dropoff’s Nexus Mods page if you’ve now realised this was the main thing missing from your life.

Source:IGN Gaming

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