Sonic Rain Drops – Crystal Bowl Sound Meditation

Sonic Rain Drops – Crystal Bowl Sound Meditation

#Sonic #Rain #Drops #Crystal #Bowl #Sound #Meditation

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It’s a rainy night here in Los Angeles and the 432hz tuned Crystal Bowls are calling to be played. A sound meditation to honor our Mother Earth. Sonic Blessings for those at Standing Rock! Water is life!

This is recorded with a cell phone and does not give justice to the power and purity of these healing sounds when heard live in person.

Michelle Berc has been practicing Sound Healing for ten years and has received a certification in the field from the Sound & Consciousness Institute in San Francisco as well as a certification from VSA (Vibrational Sound Association). Additional trainings include self-studies and multiple workshops from leaders in the sound therapy field. She is currently leaning Neuro-Feedback and HeartMath. Michelle is known for her ‘Sonic Being’ signature chakra balancing sound bath.

Attend a sound bath in Los Angeles offering an array of healing sounds, frequencies, and vibrations to balance your mind, body, and spirit. Learn more at

Sonic Hugs Await!

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