Stardew Valley: How to Make Copper Bars

Stardew Valley offers more than just farming; it provides players with a wide range of activities, from fishing to mining. For adventurous players, the Mines are the perfect place to encounter dangerous enemies and discover valuable treasures hidden underground. However, before engaging in various activities like crafting recipes and tool upgradation in Stardew Valley, players must equip themselves with the essential knowledge of how to craft copper bars.

Mines in Stardew Valley are a rugged terrain filled with rocks and dirt patches. Players can use a Pickaxe to mine rocks and collect stones, ores, and geodes. As they move deeper into the Mines, players can discover various kinds of ores. Copper Ore, Iron Ore, Gold Ore, Iridium Ore, and Radioactive Ore are the five types of Ore found in Stardew Valley. These can be smelted into bars and used to upgrade tools and craft different items.

Where to Find Copper Ore in Stardew Valley A player mining copper in Stardew Valley

Copper Nodes are commonly spawned in levels 2-39 of the Mines. Mining copper nodes with a Pickaxe yields between 1 and 3 Copper Ores. Additionally, Metal Heads on floors 80-119 of the Mines drop Copper Ore. Copper ore can also be discovered on any floor level within the Skull Cavern and Volcano Dungeon.

Some other ways to acquire copper ore are.

Players can purchase a Copper Ore from the Blacksmith for 75 g in Year 1. However, starting from Year 2, the price increases to 150 g. Occasionally, the Traveling Cart sells them for prices ranging from 100-1000 g. Copper Ores can also be found in Geodes and inside Fishing Treasure Chests too. Furthermore, when a Stonefish Fish Pond reaches a population of 3, it produces 5 Copper Ore. Digging up Artifact Spots around Stardew Valley may yield 1-3 Copper Ore. The chances of this are 14% in Pelican Town, 11% in Railroad, 9% at the Bus Stop, 7% in the Backwoods, and 5% each in the Cindersap Forest and the Mountains. How to Make Copper Bars in Stardew Valley

To create Copper Bars, players need to smelt 5 Copper Ore in a Furnace using 1 Coal as fuel. The smelting process takes about 30 in-game minutes.

The recipe to craft a Furnace will be shared by Clint the Blacksmith when players acquire a Copper Ore for the first time.

Alternatively, players can get Copper Bars without smelting Copper Ore by slaying monsters in the Mines. Players who successfully reach levels 81-119 of the Mines can collect Copper Bars by defeating the Shadow Brute and the Shadow Shaman. Each of them has a 4% chance of dropping a Copper Bar.

Uses of Copper Bars

Copper Bars are among the most essential items during the early game. They are used in a variety of crafting recipes and for tool upgrades. Players can sell Copper Bars for 60g or 90g if they have the Blacksmith Profession.

Tool Upgrades clint upgrade stardew valley

The first upgrade of tools requires Copper Bars. To upgrade tools in Stardew Valley, players must visit the Blacksmith.




Copper Hoe

2,000 g

5 Copper Bar

Copper Pickaxe

2,000 g

5 Copper Bar

Copper Axe

2,000 g

5 Copper Bar

Copper Watering Can

2,000 g

5 Copper Bar

Copper Trash Can

1,000 g

5 Copper Bar

Crafting Recipes Better Crafting mod for Stardew Valley

Besides upgrading tools, Copper Bars are used in various crafting recipes.

Item Name Ingredients Charcoal Kiln 20 Wood 2 Copper Bars Cheese Press 1 Copper Bar 10 Hardwood 45 Stone 45 Wood Crab Pot 2 Copper Bar 25 Wood Keg 1 Copper Bar 1 Iron Bar 1 Oak Resin 30 Wood Mayonnaise Machine 1 Copper Bar 1 Earth Crystal 15 Stone 15 Woog Sprinkler 1 Copper Bar 1 Iron Bar Sturdy Ring 2 Copper Bar 25 Bug Meat 25 Slime Tapper 2 Copper Bar 40 Wood Transmute (Fe) 3 Copper Bar Trap Bobber 1 Copper Bar 10 Sap

Players can make more profit by selling Copper Bars instead of transmuting them into Iron Bars. However, crafting Trap Bobbers and selling them makes even more profit.


The Silo is an important building for farmers. Players can cut and store grass for feed inside it. A Silo costs 100 g and requires 100 Stones, 10 Clay, and 5 Copper bars. It can hold up to 240 pieces of Hay.


Here’s the list of quests that require players to get their hands on copper bars.

A Copper Bar may be requested at the “Help Wanted” board outside Pierre’s General Store. Players who complete this quest will be rewarded with 180 g and 150 Friendship points. Four Copper Bars are required to increase the capacity of a Stonefish Fish Pond from 7 to 10. Three Copper Bars are required to increase the capacity of a Catfish Fish Pond from 3 to 5. Bundles

Even though copper bars aren’t necessary when it comes to bundles in Stardew Valley, there’s one bundle in which players need to have a copper bar in their inventory.

To complete the Blacksmith’s Bundle in the Boiler Room, players need one Copper Bar.

Stardew Valley is available now for Android, iOS, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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