Stardew Valley: How to Decorate Your House

Stardew Valley allows players to add their personal touch to everything. With hundreds of character customization and home decoration options, players can let their creativity run wild. Whether players are out planting crops or battling enemies in the Mines, there’s no better feeling than coming back to the comfort of their farmhouse at the end of the day.

Initially, players reside in a small, one-room cabin in Stardew Valley. As they progress in the game, they have the option to upgrade their cabin into a larger house with multiple rooms. Players can even design and decorate their farmhouse according to their preferences. Whether they’re aiming for a cozy, cottage-core aesthetic or a modern, sleek design, the choices are endless.

Basic Farmhouse Designs basic farmhouse design in stardew valley

The Farmhouse is a player’s personal residence in Stardew Valley. For new players, the farmhouse consists of a tiny room containing one bed, a fireplace, an old TV set, a floor mat, and various decorations that depend upon which farm style was chosen.

For example, players who opt for the Standard Farm layout will start with basic wooden furniture, featuring simple rustic walls and floors. Meanwhile, players who choose the Forest Farm, vibrant leafy-green wallpaper adorns their walls. Likewise, their decor features a lot of indoor plants and delicate leafy garlands. The image above shows the decor players receive if they choose the Beach Farm.

Obtaining New Furniture Furniture Catalogue chairs in furniture catalogue stardew valley

Players can purchase The Furniture Catalogue from Robin at the Carpenter’s Shop for 200,000g. This item becomes available after players upgrade the farmhouse for the first time. It provides unlimited access to every furniture item, which players can use to decorate their homes.

Once placed inside the home, right-clicking on any item in the Furniture Catalogue will place the item inside the farmhouse. The Furniture Catalogue can also be used as a display table.

It’s advisable that players save up gold for the Furniture Catalogue, as it consists of a wide range of furniture items. Players who have purchased the furniture catalogue will be able to change their fireplaces, beds, and rugs. They can even add decorative wall hangings and fish tanks.

Other Ways to Buy & Use Furniture

Besides purchasing the Furniture Catalogue, players can buy furniture items from Robin at the Carpenter’s Shop or from the Traveling Cart merchant. The price of furniture at the Traveling Cart varies, typically ranging between 250-2500g. However, the cost of each item at the Carpenter’s Shop remains set. Both shops offer a new and random selection of furniture items each day. In addition to purchasing, players can obtain some unique furniture items by donating items to the Museum or purchasing them at Festivals, the Casino, and JojaMart.

Players can move and rotate furniture inside their houses as they please. Furniture items range from cozy beds and bookcases to rugs and decorative plants. Players can purchase lamps and windows to brighten up the place, tables to display items, and chairs to sit in. To add a more personal touch, players can hang fancy paintings and posters on the walls. There are multiple varieties of decorative plants, too.

Most furniture items can be placed outside the farmhouse, but they will be destroyed if a villager walks through the same square they are placed in.

The Catalogue catalogue stardew valley

Players can purchase The Catalogue from Pierre’s General Store for 30,000g. The Catalogue contains various designs of both wallpapers and floorings. Like the Furniture Catalogue, right-clicking on it allows players to purchase every wallpaper and flooring design for 0g, in unlimited quantity.

Shift + Left-click on any item in both the Catalogue and Furniture Catalogue to directly add the item to the inventory.


Flooring is sold intwo places in Stardew Valley. Players can purchase flooring at Pierre’s General Store for 100g or at JojaMart for 250g. There are new floor designs to choose from each day. Players can obtain floorings for free if they have purchased the Catalogue. Flooring can not be stacked in the inventory, and can only be used once. When placed, floorings cover the whole room they’re placed in. They can also be placed on hallway floors between rooms.


Wallpaper can be purchased from Pierre’s General Store for 100g and JojaMart for 250g. Just like flooring, a new wallpaper is sold each day. Players can buy all kinds of wallpapers for free if they have purchased the Catalogue.

Like floorings in Stardew Valley, wallpapers are for one-time use only and can not be stacked. Once placed, they cover the walls of the whole room. Wallpapers can also be placed on hallway floors between rooms. Players can experiment with different colors and patterns, as there are 112 colorful wallpaper designs.

Stardew Valley is available now for Android, iOS, Linux, Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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