Stardew Valley Is Finally Getting an Official Cookbook

Highlights Stardew Valley fans can soon recreate the game’s delicious dishes with The Official Stardew Valley Cookbook, featuring over 50 recipes organized by season. The cookbook will release in April 2024, co-authored by Eric Barone and Ryan Novak, and will include official illustrations and photography. The enduring popularity of Stardew Valley has influenced the indie game industry, and the cookbook will allow passionate fans to bring the game’s world to life in their own kitchens.

It has been confirmed that the developer of the indie classic Stardew Valley will be releasing an official cookbook to help fans recreate some of the game’s tastiest dishes in real life. This collection of recipes will be the third official Stardew Valley book to be released, following the Stardew Valley Guidebook and Junimo Coloring Book.

Since its release in 2016, Stardew Valley has seen extraordinary success and popularity, especially considering it was originally created by a solo developer, Eric Barone AKA ConcernedApe. The game’s cozy, immersive world has captivated millions of players and inspired countless indie developers to release their own games inspired by Stardew Valley in hopes of capturing that same magic. One of the many deeply engaging activities fans can enjoy in this game is cooking, with countless recipes to be learned and perfected within the game.

Now, it looks like fans will soon have the chance to recreate many of these iconic recipes in the real world. The Official Stardew Valley Cookbook has been made available for pre-order from multiple booksellers, courtesy of creator Eric Barone and co-author Ryan Novak, who also co-wrote the Stardew Valley Guidebook. The book will feature over 50 recipes from the game, accompanied by official illustrations and photography. It is set to release in April 2024, two months after the 8th anniversary of Stardew Valley’s original release.


The recipes in the cookbook will be organized into four seasons, mirroring the seasonal rhythm of Stardew Valley. Cozy dishes perfect for fall include Pumpkin Soup and the fan favorite Survival Burger, while the hot days of summer call for Crab Cakes and some delicious Pink Cake as a dessert. Passionate fans have long sought to bring Stardew Valley’s tastiest treats to life, but the release of The Official Stardew Valley Cookbook will allow many more aspiring chefs to recreate the game’s best dishes.

The impact that Stardew Valley has had on the indie game industry is impossible to deny, and the classic title has undoubtedly earned its enduring popularity. Lists of the best indie games on the Switch and other platforms consistently feature Stardew Valley, as fans remain passionate about the game over seven years on from its release. The announcement of The Official Stardew Valley Cookbook will no doubt come as exciting news to these devoted fans, as it will allow players to bring a piece of the game’s world to life within their own kitchens.

Stardew Valley is available now on Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

Source: Penguin Random House

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