Starfield's 'All That Money Can Buy' Quest Has Its Literal Ups and Downs

Highlights Starfield’s RPG elements heavily emphasize player choice, ranging from persuasion to life-or-death decisions. The “All That Money Can Buy” quest offers multiple outcomes, with violence or tactful approaches leading to different results. While the quest may have an anticlimactic moment, it still provides an enjoyable and easy stealth section with the possibility of additional rewards.

Starfield takes the fact that it’s an RPG rather seriously, and plenty of choices matter as players explore the void of space and the planets within it. These choices range from the ones made when trying to persuade an NPC to quest-bound decisions and even a few life-or-death options the farther players get through Bethesda’s most ambitious RPG yet. Almost everything is up to fans and what they desire to accomplish in the game at large.

This shines in one quest in particular, the “All That Money Can Buy” main story quest. As players track down an Artifact being sold in Neon, they have multiple different outcomes they can reach throughout different parts of the adventure. Several can be ended with violence, while others can be reached tactfully. However, those who want to be subtle about things may be in for a bit more of a roller coaster than they bargained for.

Peacekeeping Starfield Players Lose Out on One Climactic Challenge Too Soon walter and issa

After dealing with the Slayton Agent, players will need to go to Slayton Aerospace as there’s been a bounty put on their heads and their Frontier spaceship has been impounded as a last-ditch effort to avoid losing the Artifact. From here, fans can either fight their way up the building or persuade the clerk to let them through. If players choose to avoid violence here, they get as far as the elevator up to Slayton’s office before it gets stuck, and Slayton himself comes on the intercoms to taunt Constellation as the sitting ducks he’s turned them into.

As Slayton talks, players may start to question just how they’re going to get out of the elevator. Unfortunately, almost as soon as Slayton gets off the intercom, Walter’s wife Issa gains control of the entire building and safely takes the captain and her husband to the nearest floor. There’s no daring elevator escape, and the rate at which Issa immediately saves the day makes the moment feel rather anticlimactic and even cartoonish. Even just allowing players to cut their way out with their mining Cutter would have been better for keeping the tension.

How Starfield’s Not-So Stealthy Slayton Aerospace Invasion Remains Fun for Fans image showing starfield combat

Luckily, what the mission has in store for fans after Issa helps get them out of the elevator is still rather enjoyable in its own right. What lurks outside is what might be the easiest stealth section in Starfield. With Issa’s instructions and very few enemies to avoid, players are taken on a quick run through Slayton Aerospace HQ to get to the executive floor to face the man himself directly. Fans don’t need to take this section that seriously, which keeps the flow of the game alive and well as not many people play Starfield for stealth sections.

In fact, those who choose this route for the “All That Money Can Buy” quest even get a second chance to change their mind, and any crooks they run into on the way up can be fought for some extra loot and shooting practice. While this part of the main campaign can be a bit anticlimactic, it pays off in the end as players get another Artifact for their collection, and they get to see the best that Neon has to offer while getting a quick tour of its worst. This quest might not even remain this way for long as Issa takes over so quickly that there’s a high chance it may be one of Bethesda’s well-known bugs, and if so it may be patched to be more suspenseful later on, fixing one of the quest’s only flaws.

Starfield is available now for PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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