Starfield: Balancing the Books Walkthrough

The city of Neon is one of Starfield’s most vibrant and interesting locations. Dominated by powerful corporate entities, the city contains some of the more relaxed trading standards in the galaxy and, as a result, attracts many nefarious and criminal individuals and groups. One of the most powerful companies in operation here is Ryujin Industries, a faction that players can join and complete an entire unique questline for.

One of Ryujin’s senior councilors is a man named Rafiq Hamza. For players who are members of the faction and have gained access to their back offices, he will have a mission available, though it is up to players to seek out and approach him about it.

Rafiq Hamza Starfield Balancing The Books Rafiq Hamza

Upon speaking with Rafiq, players will quickly come to realize what an obnoxious character he is. He will initially be very dismissive of the player, but after talking for a while, reveals that he has a task for the player. A number of personal slates of his have gone missing in the Underbelly, the fishing district of Neon located beneath Ebbside.

Rafiq mentions a woman by the name of Huong and explains that she is a panhandler in the area who specializes in such missing items. Players will then have to head down to the district to speak with Huong in order to locate the missing slates.

Huong Le Starfield Balancing The Books Huong Le

Rafiq’s contact, Huong, is a surprisingly upbeat homeless woman who can be found slumped against a dumpster opposite the store named ‘Quikshop’ in the Underbelly district. Here, players can find a variety of different food vendors with some unique items, as well as the Xenofresh processing facility, which is used to create Aurora. The area can be accessed by using the inward-facing elevators in Ebbside, which will take the players to the lower levels, rather than the outward-facing elevators, which will take them back up to Bayu Plaza and Ikuchi Market.

Upon meeting Huong, she will ask for a small donation of 25 credits, which will be enough for her to provide all the necessary information to complete the quest. Huong explains that she has the slate but that in exchange, she would like the player to retrieve her Spreadsheets, which, unlike the wind-resistant heavy slate, have blown away in the wind.

Retrieving the Spreadsheets Starfield Balancing The Books Spreadsheets

After speaking to Huong, players will need to head to the other side of the Underbelly, which is less than 100 meters away, and head past the fish processing bay where Chasmbass can be seen hanging out to dry. The spreadsheets are scattered around a small seating area next to a locker room.

The first sheet can be found on the floor beneath some cardboard boxes on the floor by the chairs. The second is in one of the fridge units inside the open room, while the third is located on the roof. Players can use their boost packs to reach the roof or alternatively stand on the box placed beside it to haul themselves up. Reading the spreadsheets will reveal how desperately poor Huong is, giving an even deeper insight into the disparities of life in Neon. Once all 3 sheets have been found, players can return to Huong, who will exchange them for the slate, which can then be returned to Rafiq at Ryujin Headquarters.

Starfield is available now on Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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