Starfield Cutscenes Have One Big, Immersion-Breaking Flaw for Some Players


Starfield players have noticed a major flaw in the game where their character’s complexion turns light-skinned during cutscenes, affecting immersion and potentially disappointing those who spent time customizing their character. The visual issue of skin color-changing joins a small list of glitches in Starfield, but its impact on the overall experience may be significant to dedicated players who enjoyed crafting their protagonist. PC users have reported issues with Starfield running on certain Intel GPUs, adding to the list of concerns Bethesda needs to address to provide a smooth and enjoyable sci-fi experience for players.

Starfield seems to have one big immersion-breaking problem that some fans have spotted. The intergalactic science-fiction RPG by Bethesda Studios has been performing well for the past few days, and it hasn’t even been officially released yet. And while some minor issues and glitches exist, including bloopers involving a Starfield ship leaving behind its pilot, players have spent many hours discovering what the world has to offer.

Only those who own Starfield’s Premium or Constellation Edition can play the game five days before its release, which the developers have touted as early access for the game. The entire game is playable during this period, with Bethesda giving an early taste to the people willing to pay extra for the premium experience. In the meantime, the studio is probably carefully ironing out any possible bugs that players might run into and possibly preparing for a patch come the release date. However, a major flaw has been spotted by one Twitter user.

According to a tweet by user BklynBreedGC, their character’s complexion turns light-skinned during Starfield cutscenes. While this seems to not affect any gameplay nuances, the issue does break immersion. Not to mention, those wishing to see their hours-long customized character may be in for a surprise once the cutscenes start playing. Bethesda needs to address this concern as early as possible so as to not alienate some gamers who might be turned off by this Starfield glitch.

Many gamers often enjoy crafting their custom protagonist, as it is somewhat of a Bethesda staple. Some players have even been making Starfield characters resembling their favorite characters and icons. The skin color-changing visual issue might be minuscule in terms of how it affects the experience, but those truly invested in the game world will feel put off if this is not fixed soon. The time many users put into detailing their character shows how dedicated many people are when it comes to how the main player looks. Sadly, this bug joins the small list of visual glitches that players have encountered so far.

At the moment, the game is currently playable on Xbox Series X/S and PC. However, those who wish to join the experience might want to check their current setup. PC users have reported that Starfield has issues running on some Intel GPUs. This adds to the list of concerns that Bethesda must address to give consumers that fun sci-fi experience that it so highly endorses. Hopefully, the developers will release an update that can address all these issues at the soonest possible time.

Starfield is now available on PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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