Starfield: Display of Power Guide/Walkthrough

Neon is a vibrant trading city but also home to a number of nefarious criminal organizations. In addition to the rampant corporate espionage and assassination attempts going on in the upper levels, there is equally as much drama to be found in the city’s less prosperous districts. After heading down to Ebbside, in particular the nightclub Madame Sauvage’s Place, players will get the opportunity to join a gang called “The Striker”s in their ongoing feud with a rival group named “The Disciples”.

Having finished the quest “The Audition”, Briggs will ask the player to speak with Hatchet about the next job. In a mission that harkens back to the old graffiti tags of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, players are tasked with changing tags around the city in order to indicate a switch in the ownership of gang turf. Rather than using spray paint, the gang tags are displayed on electronic billboards (presumably paid for as part of a deal with Neon Security) which the player will have to hack.

First Sign Starfield Walkthrough Display of Power First Sign

The first sign is quite tricky to locate, but players can find it by following the orange stairs upwards from the Fish Market in Ebbside. The Disciples here will be immediately hostile, with four in total trying to defend the spot. They should be relatively easy to take out, particularly for players with upgraded weapons and armor.

Once the guarding Disciples have been defeated, players can approach the sign and interact with it to switch it off.

Second SignStarfield Walkthrough Display of Power Second Sign

The second sign is located in the Xenofresh fish processing facility on the level below Ebbside. It can be accessed by several elevators in Ebbside, which players will notice are further towards the edge and facing inward, rather than the outward-facing elevators which lead up to Bayu Plaza and Ikuchi Market.

This sign is slightly more complicated to deal with, since a Neon Security guard will intervene, even if the sign is hacked while in stealth, and confront the player. There are several ways to deal with this confrontation: players can pay a bribe of 1500 credits for the guard to look the other way, or they can attempt to persuade him using their Social skills. A third option will also appear for players with the Neon Street Rat trait, reasoning with the officer and convincing him that the Strikers are better than the Disciples. All three options will resolve the situation peacefully, but the best case scenario is to avoid paying the fine.

Third SignStarfield Walkthrough Display of Power Third Sign

The third and final sign can be located in the Ikuchi Market (The Ryujin Industries end of town) in the main strip of Neon where players first enter the city. The switch to hack the sign is located behind a security guard, but it might not even be necessary to sneak for this one, since the switch is fairy well obscured from the view of the main walkway.

Once this is complete, players can head back to Madame Sauvage’s Place in Ebbside and meet with Briggs who will debrief the mission and prepare for the final Strikers vs Disciples quest, “The Showdown”.

Starfield is now available on Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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