Starfield Player Creates Alien’s Ellen Ripley


Starfield players can customize their avatars and spacecraft, resulting in impressive renditions of vehicles and characters from popular films and TV shows. Players have used the character customization suite to explore outer space as famous characters such as Gollum, Lord Farquaad, and Buzz Lightyear. The iconic Ellen Ripley from the Alien franchise has been brought to life in Starfield, with Reddit user Cute_Fluffy_Sheep sharing a tutorial on their rendition of the character. Ripley’s appearance in Starfield is fitting given the game’s Alien influences.

One Starfield player is exploring the universe as Ellen Ripley from the Alien franchise. Bethesda’s latest open-world sci-fi RPG gives fans plenty of options for customizing their in-game avatars and spacecraft, and many have used these creation tools to recreate vehicles from popular films and TV shows. For example, players are rocketing off in spot-on renditions of Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon from the Star Wars movies or Fox McCloud’s Arwing from Star Fox.

Spaceships aren’t the only things that can be made from the ground up in Starfield, and players have come up with impressive versions of famous characters to pilot their vessels into the great unknown. Using Starfield’s equally in-depth character customization suite, players are exploring outer space as Gollum from The Lord of the Rings, Lord Farquaad from Shrek, and perhaps most fitting of all Buzz Lightyear from the Toy Story franchise. There is one other science fiction figure who would be right at home in Starfield, and now she has been brought to life to help take on any dangerous life forms out in the far reaches of the cosmos.

Reddit user Cute_Fluffy_Sheep recently posted a screenshot of their version of the iconic Ellen Ripley from the Alien franchise on the Starfield subreddit, along with a link to a tutorial detailing how they recreated Sigourney Weaver’s fabled warrant officer-turned-Xenomorph slayer. While Cute_Fluffy_Sheep feels there is something “off” about this version of Ripley, other users have complimented them for their work and pointed out how fitting Ripley is as a player character in Starfield given the game’s Alien influences.

Ellen Ripley and the Alien franchise she hails from have inspired much more than Starfield, as the tough-as-nails heroine arguably helped pave the way for sci-fi video game protagonists like Metroid’s Samus Aran and Returnal’s Selene Vassos. Ripley herself has appeared in games like Aliens: Colonial Marines and Alien: Isolation, with Sigourney Weaver reprising her role in the latter. She has also been added as a playable character in crossover titles like Fortnite and Dead By Daylight alongside the monstrous Xenomorphs she most famously hunted across four Alien movies.

As mentioned before, the Alien series has influenced a fair portion of Starfield’s side quests and atmosphere, so it seems quite fitting for players to model their characters after the legendary Ellen Ripley – and Cute_Fluffy_Sheep’s rendition does a great job of capturing Sigourney Weaver’s younger appearance from the first film. After experiencing the nightmare that is the Xenomorphs across four movies and plenty of tie-in media, there might not be a whole lot in the Starfield universe that would phase Ripley – though part of the fun comes in seeing what lurks in the outskirts of space.

Starfield is available on PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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