Will Starfield Be on Game Pass? Answered

When Microsoft acquired Bethesda Softworks in 2020, competitors expressed concerns about a potential market monopoly. The company then reassured everyone that they had no plans to make Bethesda titles exclusive to Xbox or Windows. However, this promise did not apply to Starfield, as Microsoft embraced the opportunity to make it a major AAA exclusive across their platforms. Now, the lingering question is whether Microsoft will include Starfield in Game Pass at launch. Here’s the actual answer.

Is Starfield Coming to Xbox Game Pass? Starfield explorers on a planet next to shuttle

The standard version of Starfield is available on PC and Xbox Game Pass. Starting from August 17, Game Pass subscribers can preload the game and get to play it as a day-one release on September 6. Since Game Pass users won’t need to pre-order the game, they will have its bonuses at launch.

Starfield is an Xbox Game Studios title. So, players won’t need an Ultimate subscription to get it. A PC or Console Game Pass subscription will guarantee access to the game.

Here are some answers to Starfield’s Game Pass launch FAQs:

What’s Starfield’s Game Pass launch date?

As a day-one title, Starfield will come to Game Pass the same day as the global launch date, which is September 6, 2023.

Should you buy Starfield or get it on Game Pass?

Getting Starfield through Game Pass is a good deal, as it would cost only $10.99. However, note that a Game Pass subscription must be renewed monthly, which could end up costing more than the actual $70 price of the game in the long run.

When can Game Pass users preload the game?

Starfield’s preload is currently available for PC and Xbox players with active subscriptions.

How to Claim Starfield Pre-Order Bonuses on Game Pass starfield cover art game pass

Regardless of their download time, Game Pass subscribers will automatically access pre-order bonuses. This includes the Old Mars Skin Pack with the laser cutter, Deep Mining Helmet, and Deep Mining Pack. No additional step is required to claim these rewards, and they will show up in players’ inventory from the get-go.

How to Get Into Starfield’s Early Access on Game Pass preloading Starfield on Xbox app

Starfield’s early access is only available for Premium and Constellation editions. Therefore, Game Pass users must pay an extra fee to get the 5-day pre-launch access. On Xbox and Windows PC, players will need to purchase the Digital Premium Upgrade to get an early-access code along with the Constellation Skins and the Shattered Space DLC.

The Digital Premium Upgrade costs about $34.99. However, there’s also a physical upgrade available in select stores, offering extra items such as Constellation Patches and a Steelbook display case. The physical upgrade costs $99.99 and includes the base game.

How to Play Starfield on Xbox One Using Game Pass starfield characters with an xbox one console

Xbox One owners can play Starfield on their previous-gen consoles through Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. For that, they will need an active subscription and a reliable internet connection to stream the game via Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Starfield will be available for PC and Xbox Series X|S on September 6, 2023.

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