Starfield: How to Edit Ship Interior

Starfield’s Ship Builder gives an array of options to players looking to build their dream sci-fi vessel. But does this mean they can also alter their ships’ interior designs?

Although the game has no official interior decoration tool, a few workarounds let players adorn their cockpits and living quarters, transforming them into personalized sanctuaries. This guide will illustrate how to edit ship interiors in Starfield and utilize the game’s exploits to achieve the most customized appearances.

How to Customize the Interior of a Ship Starfield Hab

In Starfield, players can modify interior designs by changing the ship’s habitat modules. To do so, they will need to access the Ship Builder menu, explore a range of HAB options, and install diverse models from different manufacturers, each offering distinct decorative styles.

The HAB modules in Starfield not only feature distinctive interiors but also have variants. Players can browse through these variants by pressing the right or left buttons on the D-pad, allowing them to explore different customized aesthetics for the same living quarters.

How to Get Different HABs

To unlock all habitat modules, players will need to talk to different sellers. Each Ship Services Technician or module salesperson will present a unique selection of HABs that are typically exclusive to their inventory.

It is also advisable to construct an Outpost with a Landing Pad with a Shipbuilder. This enables players to conveniently access the unlocked HAB modules from their settlement, eliminating the need to travel to other planets.

How to Decorate Living Quarters image showing how to decorate ship interior in starfield.

Decorating a ship’s interior in Starfield is a manual process. For that, players will need to drop, grab, and place ornaments on specific parts of the living quarters, storage, and the cockpit. The steps below detail how this process works for one item.

Add a decorative item to the inventory. Head into the ship and locate a HAB. Open the inventory and drop the ornament. Press and hold A (E on PC) to grab that item. Rotate it using LT and RT (right-click/left-click). Place it on a container or shelf. (Press A or E.)

The rotation axis can be changed by pressing the LS button (Shift on PC).

How to Save Ship Interior Changes saving game save files folder starfield

After decorating a ship, players will need to trigger an autosave or manually save the game. This precaution ensures that their ornaments remain intact when reloading the game. However, it’s worth noting that there is a slight possibility of losing these items, as the game may fail to load them back to their exact positions.

Players should also keep in mind that changing the Home Ship might revert decorations back to the inventory.

Starfield is available now for PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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