Starfield: Neon Vendors, Locations & More

Neon isn’t exactly the crown jewel of the Freestar Collective in Starfield. It’s a collection of corruption, broken dreams, bad drug habits, and a place where players should keep their weapons close. Starfield has some fascinating locations, and Neon is no exception. Despite being labeled as a pleasure city, it’s perhaps a bit too self-indulgent, and players will have to keep focused on any activity that could cause them harm.

As players make their way to Neon for the first time, they are bound to be overwhelmed by all that the city has to offer. This guide will attempt to soothe those worries as players embark on an adventure to another bustling city, and show everything in Neon, and what players can find in this Starfield city.

Where To Find Neon neon location in starfield

Players can locate Neon in Starfield by venturing to the right of their map and heading over to the Volii System. Inside, the Volii Alpha planet holds Neon as its primary location. This space belongs to the Freestar Collective, so players should expect a potential scan on their ship for a bounty or contraband. Other than that, they are free to land at the Spaceport and explore this dangerous city.

Spaceport neon spaceport

The Neon Spaceport is rather expansive, leaving plenty of room for other ships to dock and enjoy their time in the city. However, there isn’t much on show at the Spaceport, other than an area for players to land their ships. They can explore the area to see the immersive features of the city, but it’s best just to head on through past the security gate.

Here’s a detailed look at Neon’s Spaceport:

Ship Technician neon ship technician

To the left of the player’s ship, they can find a Ship Technician. In this office, players can go through all manners of unique ship parts, upgrades, and ships that they can find on Neon. The Ship Technician has an assortment of goods for the player’s space vessel. There’s also a Trade Authority Kiosk inside.

Neon Security neon security checkpoint

Before entering the city, players have to go through the Neon Security gate, which is filled with scanners to detect any forms of hostility or banned items from entering the city. If players have a bounty, the scanners will pick it up, and Sophie Jex will make players aware of it. This is where they can also start the Loose Ends quest.

Neon Core (Left) neon city left side

Entering Neon through the Spaceport elevator, players will be facing a Ryujin dragon logo, with a Ryujin Industries Kiosk beside it. There are two ways players can explore this lengthy district of Bayu Plaza, so to better explain and not overwhelm, Neon’s central district will be split in two. The left side of Neon contains a good manner of shops, and the towering Ryujin Industries themselves.

Here’s everything players can find in Neon’s left side:

Trade Authority neon trading authority

Kolman Lang is the vendor for the Trade Authority on Neon. He’s not the nicest soul in the city, but not many people hold that title. Players can of course buy nearly everything from the Trade Authority, as well as sell some unwanted and illegal goods. To the left of the Trade Authority is another entrance into Ebbside.

Mining League mining league

Upon entering Neon’s Mining League, they will be met with a small store, where players can speak to Saburo Okadigbo to pick up some inorganic resources and materials that will help them with their crafting materials. Okadigbo also sells some mining equipment, like weapons and spacesuits, but nothing of note. They can also come here to start the Saburo’s Solution quest. To the left of the Mining League and down the stairs is one way to Ebbside.

Freestar Rangers freestar rangers offices on neon

Neighboring the Mining League, players can access the Freestar Rangers offices. Neon is of course part of the Freestar Collective, but the rangers here, and the security, is less than up to scratch with what a civilized city should be like. Inside, they’ll find Jaylen Pryce.

Neon Tactical neon tactical shop

Opposite the Freestar Rangers office is Neon Tactical, a gun store that sells an assortment of weapons and ammo. The shopkeeper, Frank Renick, also has a mission for the players involving the graffiti on his robot, Styx. This mission is called Bare Metal.

Ryujin Apartments ryujin apartments

Next to Neon Tactical is Ryujin Apartments, where players can venture inside the elevator to access an apartment. However, the door is inaccessible, leaving nothing for players to explore.

Newill’s Goods newill's goods on neon

James Newill can be found in Newill’s Goods, just opposite Ryujin Apartments. This character sells some nice items, like ammo, apparel, and aid items. However, players will want to talk to him for the All For One side quest.

Legrandes Liquors legrandes liquors

Yannick Legrande can be found inside Legrandes Liquors, and he will sell aid items. All of these items are alcoholic and can offer players some bonuses or disadvantages to their playthrough. Players can also pay to find out the secret ingredient of the popular Neon beverage called Blend.

Ryujin Industries ryujin industries hq

Ryujin Industries takes up most of this side of the district, and it’s also where players can begin the Ryujin Industries faction quest. There are multiple floors to explore, but inside the lobby, players can find Aito Suzuki, who sells Ryujin apparel. There is also Ken Bright, who works opposite Suzuki, who sells Arborn Electromagnetic weapons and ammo. Inside the elevator, players can head to these floors:

Operations Tranquilitea / DRONE Taiyo Astroneering Lobby Neon Core (Right) neon core right side

Back to the Spaceport entrance, players can find a wider selection of interesting locations to the right as they enter Neon’s central district, Bayu Plaza. There are plenty of corporations to marvel at over this side of the pond.

If players head right in Neon’s Core, this is what they can find:

Sieghart’s Outfitters sieghart's outfitters

Inside this shop, players will locate the happy owner, Dietrich Sieghart. He doesn’t exactly sell anything interesting outside a few apparel items and spacesuits, but his aid items might be of use.

Reliant Medical reliance medical on neon

Opposite Sieghart’s Outfitters is Reliant Medical, a place famed across the galaxy for providing healthcare to the Settled Systems. Inside, they’ll find Doctor Joseph Manning. They can start the Relief Run mission from here, as well as purchase aid items.

The Volii Hotel the volli hotel

Inside this location is Minerva Clement, whom players can purchase a room to rent for the night or a few days. The rooms inside the Volii Hotel are fairly nice, so if players want a bed to rest in, then there’s no reason not to do so here.

Stroud-Eklund Showroom stroud ekland showroom

Opposite the Volii hotel is the Stroud-Ekland Showroom, where players can observe the latest and greatest of the Stroud-Ekland ship designs. Players can speak to Emiko Shinsato and visit the Ship Kiosk to alter their ships or buy new parts.

The Emporium the emporium

Next to the Stroud-Ekland Showroom is the benevolent Emporium. Inside, players can speak to Tevin Anastas and buy some miscellaneous items for decor, or, Solomon’s Calculations. They can also help deal with some thugs and start the Mob Mentality quest. To the right of the Emporium is another entrance into Ebbside.

TerraBrew neon terrabrew

Another location for TerraBrew, the galaxy’s favorite coffee brand. TerraBrew can be found next to the Emporium. They may also find The Adoring Fan inside, waiting once again for their hero. That is, if players have the Hero Worshiped Trait.

GalBank neon galbank

Inside GalBank, players won’t find much, if anything. This location is perfect for the Settled Systems’ premiere financial institution, even if it seems pretty much empty.

Enhance! neon enhance

With Enhance, players can customize their look and use some sci-fi surgery to completely alter their character. Simply talk to Paige Overton inside to begin. To the left of Enhance, players can find a new way to get into Ebbside.

Neon Security HQ neon security hq

To the left of Enhance, players can enter the Neon Security HQ. Players can find Contraband, stolen items, and confiscated goods inside, as well as a prison facility with some undesirables.

Trade Tower trade tower in starfield

Trade Tower is a jewel of corporate entities. Next to the statue of Bayu, players can find Trade Tower, and inside, a plentiful amount of powerful and rich corporations. Here are all the locations they can visit from the elevator:

Sky Suite Slayton Aerospace XenoFresh Corporate HQ Stroud-Ekland Corporate HQ CeltCorp Generdyne Industries Kore Kinetics Lobby Astral Lounge the astral lounge

Once inside the Trade Tower, heading up the stairs will take players to the booming Astral Lounge. This is a place to relax and unwind, enjoying the music, alcohol, and Aurora. These can all be purchased from the bartender, Boone Morgan. Upstairs, they can find BorealUS, and start the Superfan quest. Players can also find their parents inside if they have the necessary traits.

Lastly, players can find a few unnamed Specialists for their crew, but the important one is listed below




Micky Caviar

Gastronomy Tier 1, Wellness Tier 2, Incapacitation Tier 1

15,000 Credits, Persuade to negotiate the fee.

Ebbside (Left) ebbside left side

Ebbside is accessible in many ways once players reach Bayu Plaza. However, they won’t find a sprawling night city inside, but a discarded and depressing location with some less than fortunate vendors and citizens who are just trying to get by on life. Players can also reach the top of Neon from Ebbside, but the roofs and factories don’t offer hidden goods. Ebbside has two sides, each with different locations. The left side is noted for having the NPC Digger Zemin, to whom players can donate Credits.

Ebbside’s left side has some interesting places shown below:

Madame Sauvage’s Place madame sauvage's place

A premiere social club in Neon, players can visit Madame Sauvage if they want a more social clubbing experience. Inside are a few NPCs, as well as a Mission Board, Self-Service Bounty Clearance kiosk, and Madame Sauvage herself, which players can buy aid items from. Inside is Andrea Sandoval, who players can talk to start The Audition quest, where the Ebbside Strikers have their base upstairs.

Sleepcrate sleepcrate purchase area

Izna Sundararaman sells Sleepcrates, where players can secure a roof over their heads for a cheap price so that they can sleep in Neon’s less desirable district.

Frankie’s Grab + Go frankie's grab and go

At Frankie’s Grab and Go, players can find an assortment of food and drink items from the owner, Franchesca Moore.

Warehouses 01, 04 warhouse in ebbside

There’s a selection of warehouses scattered in Ebbside that players can enter and loot, but there are not many valuable items waiting to be stolen.

Ebbside (Right) ebbside right side

The left side of Neon presents a similar Ebbside to the one on the left. It’s also pretty discarded, lacking Neon Security and other expensive ventures that could sure the civilians down here with a nice life. Nevertheless, there are some interesting details in this side of Ebbside.

These are some interesting locations on the right side of Ebbside:


Neon Warehouse warehouse in ebbside location

Protected by a member of the Syndicate, the Neon Warehouse holds the business criminal, Emmet Goodman. Emmet is more interested in those that owe him service or debt, so there’s not much here unless players are looking for a shootout.

Euphorika euphorika club

Players should keep their gun on hand when entering Euophorika, as it’s not the most welcoming club on Neon. Inside, they can find a few undesirable characters, as well as a heavy fee of Credits if they want to access the premium Members Lounge, which can be accessed from Myka. There are also Disciples and the Warlord stationed downstairs, with Kyu and some unnamed ship specialists upstairs. Downstairs, players can find a named specialist:




Dani Garcia

Chemistry Tier 1, Robotics Tier 2, Energy Weapon Systems Tier 1

16,500 Credits, negotiable with the Persuade option.

Chunks chunks on neon

If it’s in the Settled Systems, then there’s going to be Chunks, the galaxy’s favorite place to get a quick bite to eat, even if it is oddly packaged and processed. The Chunks Employee will sell these foods here.

Warehouse 02, 03 warehouse location in ebbside

Some more warehouses are located in Ebbside with 02 and 03, both have little to offer except a few odd bits to steal and turn a profit from.

Underbelly neon underbelly

From within the center of either side of Ebbside, players can locate an elevator that will take them down deeper into the bowels of Neon. The Underbelly is broken, where people and things are discarded, and where businesses deal dirty.

The attached video will show all that the Underbelly has to offer:


Chunks Express chunks express

Since the Underbelly doesn’t have many desirable patrons, players can find Chunks Express, which has automated kiosks instead of an employee. From here, players can insert their Credits to get their usual Chunks desires.

Offworld Eats offworld eats

Kosmos Bakas and Lee Leonard work at Offworld Eats, where players can enjoy a few snacks. This location is usually filled with workers who are just trying to get through the day.

XenoFresh Seafood xenofresh seafood

If players want to enjoy some seafood from XenoFresh, then this location is for them. All their dietary desires can be met by Glenn Markham.

Quikshop quikshop

Owned by Katherine Luzion, players can find a ton of aid items that she is selling. However, poor Katherine is going through some troubles at the moment.

Generdyne Industries generdyne industries

This powerful corporation holds many paths and loot, but they are not the most welcoming to trespassers, so it’s a good idea to stay out of here until a mission demands it.

XenoFresh xenofresh industries

The XenoFresh facilities are off-limits, and if players try to enter here, the residents and guards will become hostile if players stay for too long.

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