Starfield Player Builds the Mandalorian’s Starfighter in the Game


Players in Starfield have been using the game’s design tools to create impressive replicas of iconic ships from Star Wars, such as Mando’s ship from The Mandalorian. The level of customizability in Starfield has allowed players to exercise their creativity and design unique ships that pay homage to their favorite sci-fi franchises. The recreation of Mando’s ship in Starfield has received praise and sparked enthusiasm among fans, showcasing the popularity of the game’s ship-building mechanics and the potential for even more innovative designs in the future.

A Starfield player has used the game’s design tools to build Mando’s ship from The Mandalorian and the results are impressively accurate. Since Bethesda’s new action RPG launched, gamers have been enjoying the new setting and the freedom of exploring a massive galaxy. Many have also found lots of fun in learning how to design and build ships in Starfield and in putting their creativity to the test. Not surprisingly, some have drawn inspiration from other classic sci-fi franchises for design ideas.

One player has built Darth Maul’s ship in Starfield, and others have also sought to bring their love of Star Wars into the game with superb outcomes. The sheer number of designs that gamers are working into the title speaks to the incredible level of customizability that Bethesda has worked into their latest release. Now, another player is bringing a little bit of the galaxy far, far away into the world of Starfield in a nod to one of the most popular TV series in Star Wars history.

On Reddit, a user going by mcfadders has posted images of their new Starfield ship that was built to replicate the ship from The Mandalorian. Featuring a sleek, black paint job, dual-thrusters, and turrets for combat, the ship certainly looks worthy of an elite bounty hunter from the Mandalorian clan. In the post mcfadders made clear that designing ships has become a favorite activity of theirs in the game, and their passion shows through in this ship.

Plenty of fans on Reddit were quick to celebrate the design. Some were looking for tips for design or a list of parts used by mcfadders while others simply wanted to say how great it looked. The post also sparked lots of praise for the game in general and how much thought was devoted to the ship-building mechanics. For their part, mcfadders has been kind enough to answer some questions and provide insights about the pieces used in their work. Soon, many more players will likely be flying around in their own versions of Mando’s ship and looking into how to get bounty hunting jobs in Starfield.

Mando’s ship may not be the first Star Wars bounty hunter design to join the growing fleet of player-vehicles in the game. A fan has created Boba Fett’s ship in Starfield already, and it won’t be surprising if more designs follow in the future. Still, this latest entry in the list of player-builds is a remarkable recreation and certainly deserves attention from fellow fans. As more gamers dive into the new game, posts like this will be sure to spark even more innovation. Chances are even more sci-fi franchises will make an appearance in Starfield.

Starfield is currently available on PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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