Starfield Player Finds Crew in Unexpected Place

Highlights Starfield players have been uncovering bugs, glitches, and surprises within the game, leading to interesting and unique discoveries. One player found their crew members standing on top of their ship in space, an absurd and glitchy situation. While there are non-essential visual bugs, some players are concerned about issues running the game on Intel GPUs, but overall, Starfield has received a mostly warm reception.

One Starfield player accidentally found a few of their crew in a very unexpected location. The title has been available to those who’ve purchased Starfield’s Premium or Constellation Edition for just a week. Even in the short timeframe, fans have been dedicating their precious hours not only to playing and exploring the game but also to finding humorous situations as well. The massive scale of Starfield has led to a lot of interesting and unique discoveries.

There are many bugs, glitches, and even surprises to be found within the game. While some of these issues are mostly accidental and unintentional, there are some that give the player an early advantage. Such an example is the Starfield trick to get a High-Quality Spacesuit early in the game. Players continue to uncover unorthodox approaches to enjoying the game in that there are many secrets that they tend to find. However, there are a few mysteries that players can not solve as easily. This sometimes leads to out-of-the-box discoveries in-game.

Such is the case for one Reddit user who thought some of their Starfield crew was missing. The gamer decided to take an exterior photo of their ship in outer space and was shocked to find two crew members casually standing on top. Realistically, this shouldn’t be possible as there is no air in space, so perhaps this could just be a small glitch wherein the game decided to move these two to that location. The comments section was filled with other humorous observations within the game world such as food items being found on the ground of toxic planets, and a Styrofoam cup found on a 381-degree hellscape, to name a few.


These are mostly just visual and non-essential bugs that don’t necessarily affect gameplay. However, the said findings contribute to the suspension of disbelief. There are just some things that are too absurd, even for a sci-fi game. Still, these are mostly non-game-breaking, not like some of the concerns from PC players. Many reports say that Starfield has issues running on some Intel GPUs, and these are the concerns that have fans riled up.

Amid all these issues and concerns, Starfield still has a positive reception. The feedback it has received is mostly warm. Albeit for a few issues, many fans from all over are impressed with how the game functions. Ideally, Bethesda still has a few patches it might need to work on to really give players the perfect experience they desire, but the game is already a great start, even with some minor hiccups.

Starfield is available on PC and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Reddit

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