Starfield Gets a Special Edition Chair


German furniture manufacturer Noblechairs is partnering with Bethesda on an exclusive Starfield gaming chair, unveiled at QuakeCon 2023. The chair features a white-and-blue color palette, the emblem of the Constellation faction, and a gray variant of Starfield’s logo. The chair is a new color variant of Noblechairs’ Legend series and will likely be priced similarly, with a release date expected by early September.

German furniture manufacturer Noblechairs has partnered with Bethesda on a special edition Starfield gaming chair. The product was unveiled at QuakeCon 2023, a four-day Texas event that started with the surprise announcement and release of Quake 2 Remastered.

With Starfield now being mere weeks away from hitting the market, the level of excitement among the fandom is at an all-time high. After holding its hour-long June 11 gameplay showcase, Bethesda proceeded to launch its first wave of merchandise based on the space-fairing RPG, including mugs, t-shirts, mousepads, notebooks, and even a skateboard, all of which can still be purchased from its Gear Store.

The latest addition to that growing list of merch comes in the form of Noblechairs’ Starfield Edition gaming chair. The furniture manufacturer took to Grapevine, Texas, to display the only version of this chair currently in existence at the 2023 QuakeCon. The chair boasts the same white-and-blue color palette adorning the Starfield Xbox controller and headset. The emblem of the Constellation faction is seen on its back, with a gray variant of the game’s logo sitting on the opposite side.

The product is essentially a new color variant of the Legend series, Noblechairs’ flagship lineup of gaming chairs. The entry-level Legend model with fabric upholstery currently retails at $639, while its faux leather counterpart is $50 more expensive. The Starfield-styled version of the chair will presumably be priced in that ballpark, although Noblechairs has yet to confirm that. Consumers can already register their interest in the chair via the manufacturer’s website. No specific release date or window has yet been attached to the product, though it’s likely that this distinctive piece of furniture will hit the market by early September, when Starfield itself does.

This development marks the second occasion on which Bethesda joined forces with Noblechairs. The two have previously partnered on Fallout and Doom chairs, as well as those based on The Elder Scrolls and Wolfenstein games, all of which were announced in 2020.

While the Starfield branding certainly puts a unique touch on this newly unveiled chair, that’s only expected to be a small part of its overall value proposition, not least because of Noblechairs’ long-standing reputation as the manufacturer of some of the best ergonomic gaming chairs in the world. The company did not describe the newly announced offering as a limited-edition release, indicating that the chair will remain in stock for the foreseeable future post-release, much like Noblechairs’ other products based on Bethesda’s IPs.

Starfield launches September 6 for PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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