Starfield Has 'Very Positive' Rating on Steam

Highlights Starfield has received a “Very Positive” overall rating on Steam, with over 24,000 reviews from users. Reviews for Starfield vary, with some giving perfect scores while others have been less enthusiastic. Starfield has gained a lot of popularity and momentum, with over 1 million concurrent players across PC and Xbox.

Over 24,000 people have reviewed Starfield on Steam, leaving the game with a “Very Positive” overall rating. Starfield’s launch has been largely successful, though not everyone is sold on the game. There are those that have given Starfield extremely high praise, but there are others who have come away less impressed with the game.

This is reflected in Starfield’s reviews. Some publications awarded Starfield with a perfect score, while others were less enthusiastic about the game, giving Bethesda’s open world sci-fi RPG a 7/10 or in some cases even lower. Some have been impressed with Starfield’s gigantic open world, while others feel that the game doesn’t quite live up to expectations. Regardless, it seems that most users are enjoying Starfield on Steam, if its overall user score is any indication.

With over 24,000 reviews counted so far, Starfield is enjoying a “Very Positive” overall rating on Steam. There are some negative reviews from people who are having difficulty running Starfield on their PCs, but otherwise the discourse surrounding the game on Steam has been mostly positive. With many new games the victim of review bombing efforts, some may be surprised to see that Starfield is coming out of the game with a lot of positivity surrounding it. However, others may have predicted that this would be the case.

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After all, Starfield carries on the traditions of classic Bethesda RPGs like Skyrim and Fallout, which are hugely popular with PC gamers. Not only that, but Starfield was a big hit on Steam before the game was even out. Starfield amassed over 200,000 concurrent players on Steam in its early access period alone, with many fans clearly willing to shell out the $99.99 to get the Premium Edition of the game or the Premium Edition Upgrade.

Now that Starfield’s official release date has rolled around and the game has released on Xbox Game Pass, its overall concurrent player count is even bigger. It was recently claimed by Head of Xbox Phil Spencer that Starfield had over 1 million concurrent players across PC and Xbox, which is an incredibly impressive feat and would make it one of the most-played games of the whole year at launch.

There’s clearly a lot of momentum behind Starfield right now, and so hopefully Bethesda capitalizes on it by releasing patches that address fan feedback and fix some of its technical issues. And if that’s not enough to keep fans engaged, perhaps the eventual release of Starfield’s Shattered Space DLC will bring them back in.

Starfield is out now for PC and Xbox Series X.

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