Starfield: Where is the Red Mile?

The Red Mile is one of Starfield’s more interesting locations. It’s a notorious and shady gambling den that’s hard to just stumble upon randomly, given how big the Settled Systems is, though there are quite a few interesting things here that players will want to experience for themselves.

Everyone can go to the Red Mile as soon as they finish the first couple of main story quests in Starfield, and players who are more inclined toward the sketchier side of things have a lot to look forward to when visiting this backwater station. Here’s how to reach it.

Starfield: Red Mile Location Location of the Porrima system in Starfield

The Red Mile is a unique point of interest on the planet Porrima III in the Porrima system, which is located slightly west of Volii in the galactic star chart.

Depending on where players are and what grav drive they’re using, their first visit to the Red Mile may take a couple of grav jumps. However, once players have visited it, they’ll be able to fast-travel directly to the Red Mile as long as they’re standing on a planet’s solid ground.

For aspiring smugglers, the Red Mile is one of the few places where players can purchase shielded cargo holds and signal jammers. These are essential for bringing contraband into UC or Freestar-controlled systems, though this can be completely bypassed by going to the Den in the Wolf system instead.

A high-level Mauler in Starfield's Red Mile race

The main attraction in the Red Mile is the blood sport and betting game simply referred to as the Red Mile race. Here, participants have one goal: reach the beacon at the end of a predator-filled crater that’s also lined with toxic gas vents. Players can sign themselves up for this death run by speaking with Mei in the lobby/bar area.

Some companions will express their distaste regarding the Red Mile race — Sarah Morgan, in particular, will voice out her concern and disgust regarding the blood sport. However, players won’t lose any actual favor with them, and companions will still run the entire course with the player despite everything they say.

Completing a run rewards players with a hefty sum of credits and loot. Successfully running 30 or more times will put players on top of the Red Mile’s leaderboards, earning a unique variant of the AA-99 assault rifle called Desperation, which deals more damage as the user’s health decreases. This may take some time, however, as a full run will take at least a couple of minutes, considering that players need to run back to the safe zone.

Starfield is available now on PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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