Street Fighter 6 Mod makes the game playable in virtual reality

A new Street Fighter 6 mod allows the game to be played using VR. As Street Fighter 6 has recently received critical acclaim, many people have been finding ways to experience this innovative take on a familiar classic fighting game formula. While the core mechanics remain the same, modern technology has improved not only gameplay but visuals as well.

Street Fighter 6 continues to break records in its opening week, specifically on PC. On Steam, the game has enjoyed an all-time peak concurrent player count that has managed to beat other fighting games. The game has been said to be very beginner friendly, hence the high player count. However, it’s not just the “easy to get into” gameplay that has caught fans’ attention. The colorful look and updated graphics are on par with many modern games, but retains its unique aesthetic. Now players can experience the title in a unique way thanks to a new mod.

REFramework, a scripting platform and modding tool for RE Engine games, now supports Street Fighter 6. The main takeaway is that SF6 will be playable in VR, among a host of other options included in the mod. Free camera, scene timescale, FOV slider, aspect ratio fixes and the GUI disable are just some of the other things that can be toggled in the mod. While motion controls and first-person gameplay are not available for SF6, there may be hope in the future as these functions are currently tweakable for the Resident Evil game lineup.

While it’s not quite the first-person experience reminiscent of Black Mirror’s “Striking Vipers” episode, it’s the closest fans have come so far to feeling close to the action in Street Fighter. One can only dream of firing a Hadouken using motion controls or being able to see favorite fighters up close and personal, but the new mod moves the concept in the right direction. What the mod emulates is putting the player in the position of an audience member standing on the sidelines. The ability to turn off the HUD further reinforces this illusion for better immersion.

With the game still in its infancy, fans are expecting much more innovative developments as time goes on. Upcoming features, costumes, and even DLCs are scheduled to be released. Interest in the title is expected to increase, especially with the high player count and full cross-play function that allows Street Fighter 6 players on different consoles to go head-to-head. In that regard, modders can be inspired to provide new content and smart new features that help draw players even deeper into the fighting game circle.

Street Fighter 6 is available now for PC, PS5, PS4 and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Github/Praydog

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