“Stubbornly suspected a tumor in the throat, nothing clear yet”

“Stubbornly suspected a tumor in the throat, nothing clear yet”

A few hours ago, the audience was worried about health Artist Giang’s whistle when he saw pictures of him in the hospital. Artist Giang whistle said, he lost his sound while filming the program Thousand years of water power for VTV. When he was admitted to the hospital for examination, the doctors advised him to go to a oncology facility for tests on suspicion of a tumor.

Facts - NS Tra My: 'The horn was only suspected of a tumor in the throat, nothing is clear yet'

Information NS Giang Whistle hospitalized because there is a tumor in the throat is causing many people to worry.

“Right now, I still have to rest. Before losing my voice, I feel pain and lump in my throat. Eating rice with soup is also choking. Doctors are doing tests to get the best treatment. I am dying. I intend to take the initiative and listen to the doctor’s advice. Even if I live 60 years, I live as much as someone else living for eight and ninety years, because the intensity of my life and work is very high “- said the artist.

Facts - NS Tra My: 'Stunted to suspect a tumor in the throat, nothing clear yet' (Figure 2).

Artist Tra My visited artist Giang whistle.

Sharing with PV The Law Informer, artist Tra My said: “I am filming Great barefoot below Quang Ninh Giang then called, told him he had K, but I encouraged him. Currently he is being treated at Hung Viet hospital. On the afternoon of January 15, the doctors here will do a biopsy to test Mr. Giang.

If it is an inflammatory lesion or tuberculosis, treatment will be reversed, but if the tumor is a tumor, a cell biopsy is required. However, currently artist Giang’s platelet index is too low. When I first admitted to the hospital it was 68, now it is 148. For the average person it is from 150 to 300. Doctors have ordered plasma infusion to raise the platelet count. Hopefully, he will get well. Mr. Giang only suspects that there is a tumor in his throat, nothing is clear yet “.

Artist Giang “whistle” real name is Le Hong Giang, born in 1962 in Hanoi. He graduated from University of Theater and Cinema, in the same class as artists Chieu Xuan, Bui Thac Chuyen, Tu Oanh. He is loved through many comedic roles in the show Meet at weekendespecially the roles combined with artists Van Hiep and Quang Teo.

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