One Location in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Would Give It Bittersweet Nostalgia

Highlights Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is part of the same continuity as Rocksteady’s Arkhamverse despite differences in character appearances, suggesting possible retcons. The game will feature an open-world Metropolis full of Easter eggs celebrating individual Justice League members, with the potential for a hidden Batcave beneath the city. Rocksteady may face challenges in balancing Batman nostalgia with representing other DC characters, but it would be exciting if Task Force X discovered a Batcave in Metropolis with familiar gadgets from previous Arkham games.

If not for it being explicitly confirmed, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League could’ve easily been part of its own continuity with no ties to Rocksteady’s Arkhamverse. Even characters who appeared in past Arkham games look completely different, leaving fans to question whether canon-wide retcons have occurred. The only notable point of interest fans can connect between both the Arkham games and Kill the Justice League thus far is Arkham Asylum and the island itself, and despite taking place largely in Metropolis there is a great opportunity to guide fans back to another familiar location.

Indeed, Metropolis will be fantastic to explore as an entirely new setting for Arkham fans. It’s currently unclear what activities will look like in this open world seeing as how Kill the Justice League is a horde shooter and not an action-adventure game, but it certainly looks to be saturated with dedicated Easter eggs, most of which celebrate individual Justice League members. It’s highly unlikely that players will have a chance to visit Gotham City again as a result, but because Batman had a contingent Batcave beneath Arkham Island it wouldn’t be absurd to believe he might have one beneath Metropolis, too.

Rocksteady Should Take the Suicide Squad to a Batcave in Metropolis spid (1)

Task Force X is already going to be given interesting equipment from Gizmo, probably at the behest of Amanda Waller. But fans have also seen quick glimpses of an evidence lockup inventory where most of Task Force X seems to pick out their primary gadgets—and consequently their primary abilities in gameplay—such as Captain Boomerang’s Speed Force gauntlet. These items didn’t necessarily all come from Metropolis, and it’s uncertain where the Suicide Squad begins to arm themselves and prepare to be sent out to kill the Justice League, but this premise is lingering proof that Metropolis could still draw from many DC mythology inspirations.

Metropolis is an immense city that Rocksteady will hopefully have taken time to design with as much meticulousness as it did with Gotham in both Arkham City and Arkham Knight, and that could include a lot of different set pieces fans may not be privy to. Therefore, Rocksteady may be at odds when trying to stuff as much Batman nostalgia into the city for fans of the Arkhamverse while also trying to appropriately represent the other DC characters that Kill the Justice League finally debuts.

Either way, it would be fantastic if Task Force X stumbled upon or was led to a Batcave that Batman has hidden underneath Metropolis. Arkham Asylum’s Batcave wasn’t Batman’s only cave, for example, and it would be terrific to learn he has one in Metropolis for contingency’s sake as well. If players were to stumble upon such a cave, it would be exciting to be able to pick out gadgets that they will remember from previous Arkham games, such as a Freeze Cluster or Sonic Batarangs.

Otherwise, it would be great simply to have a sequence where players maneuver this Batcave, even if it isn’t one they remember from previous games. This Batcave could also feature villain memorabilia that Task Force X could discuss and remark on. But if Batman was to lead them there himself with the intention of arming them or needing to access the Batcomputer, that could be a wonderful treat for fans to accompany him after potentially freeing him from Brainiac’s mind control in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League releases on February 2, 2024, for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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