Super Mario Bros. Wonder's Talking Flowers May Be More Than Meets The Eye

Highlights The Talking Flowers in Super Mario Bros. Wonder may have a larger role in gameplay and story beyond background commentary. The Talking Flowers could serve as NPC guides, providing directions, hints, and tips to help players progress. There could be a connection between the Talking Flowers and the Wonder Flower, suggesting a potential storyline involving their relationship.

Though they may have been the focus of Nintendo’s announcement for Super Mario Bros. Wonder, there could be more to the new Talking Flowers that will make them important to its gameplay and story, rather than just background commentary as heard in the trailer. Among the many interesting additions coming to Super Mario Bros. Wonder, from the Wonder Flower itself to the much-discussed Elephant Mario, the Talking Flowers stood out due to the fact they had actual voiced dialogue. Despite the trailer only showcasing a few of their voice lines, such as greeting Mario or commenting on enemy Goombas, the Talking Flowers’ uniqueness could hint at a larger role.

Throughout Super Mario Bros. Wonder’s trailer there are glimpses of various Talking Flowers at seemingly every point of the game and even with different forms, such as one that flies and another colored red. While Super Mario doesn’t go in-depth on the stories of its 2D games, especially compared to the 3D ones, Super Mario Bros. Wonder might still break the mold, as some players already see the game as a new direction away from the New Super Mario Bros. series. Compared to background characters from Super Mario Galaxy, the Talking Flowers’ role could be as functional as its Boards or key to its story like its Lumas.

Talking Flowers Could Be Super Mario Wonder’s NPC Guides Super Mario Wonder NPCs

Many previous Super Mario games have included various background NPCs whose purpose seems divided between adding some diversity to the level environments and providing the player with helpful directions, hints, and tips in order to complete the level. For instance, in Super Mario 3D World the player can encounter several Sprixies wielding binoculars, and this character enables Mario to view the Goal Pole from across the level. However, Sprixies were essential to the game’s story after Bowser kidnapped several of their princesses and the player tasked with rescuing them.

While the Talking Flowers could be superficially connected to Super Mario Bros. Wonder’s story or world like the Sprixies were, it’s highly likely that their role is just to support the player throughout the game. Much like Super Mario Galaxy’s Boards or the Message Blocks from Super Mario World, the Talking Flowers might only have been introduced to inform players about Super Mario Bros. Wonder’s new content like its power-ups and level designs, or even just general information for newcomers to the series. So in spite of appearing to be fully voiced, the Talking Flowers are probably just Super Mario Bros. Wonder’s version of an NPC guide.

Talking Flowers Might be Important for Super Mario Bros. Wonder’s Story Super Mario Wonder Lumas

However, it is interesting that Super Mario Bros. Wonder centers around the Wonder Flower which appears to warp and change both Mario and the world around him in strange ways. It’s possible that Super Mario Bros. Wonder’s story will shed some light on the potential relationship between the enigmatic Wonder Flower and the equally unusual Talking Flowers. Given that they have received multiple forms, voiced dialogue, and multiple appearances throughout Super Mario Bros. Wonder’s trailer, there is an implication that players do not know everything about them yet.

Given that they might have a connection with the Wonder Flower, the Talking Flowers seem to parallel the Lumas first introduced in Super Mario Galaxy. While they too also helped guide the player and ensured they could progress through each level, the Lumas also had different colored forms, with one even granting Mario is Spin ability. Similarly then, the Talking Flowers might primarily be Nintendo’s means of keeping the player informed and moving forwards, but they could also have an underlying role in the world of Super Mario Bros. Wonder, such as helping Mario master the power of the Wonder Flower before Bowser so they can save the Mushroom Kingdom.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder will be released on October 20, 2023 for the Nintendo Switch.

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