Miss Vietnam 2020

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Do Thi Ha shows off her 1m11 feet in a daring see-through design 0 0%
Miss Do Thi Ha for the first time was bold with a full skirt o pressed round 0 0%
What are the youngest contestants of Miss Vietnam 2020? 0 0%
When as gentle as morning mist, when sexy transforms 0 0%
“Anh Huy does not give money or gifts of value” 0 0%
Used to save money for the beauty contest, now has a bag of 63 million brands 0 0%
Beauty like the muse of ‘The most popular beauty’ Miss Vietnam 2020 0 0%
Beauty ‘The most popular beauty’ Miss Vietnam 2020 0 0%
Top 3 Miss Vietnam 2020 shares five turning points, sending New Year wishes to fans 0 0%
From the reason of taking the exam to the desire to cherish when winning the crown 0 0%
Miss Vietnam Do Thi Ha was criticized for her poor behavior, unconvincing victory, what did Ha Kieu Anh say? 0 0%
“I cleaned up facebook but I don’t want to block it” 0 0%
1m11 long legs, a farmer, must accumulate every dollar to take the exam 0 0%
“Ha is an honest person.” 0 0%
The contestant talked about the ‘mama general manager’ at the Miss Vietnam 2020 shared house 0 0%
‘This year, the BGK had a hard time because the quality of the contestants was too uniform’ 0 0%
The 18-year-old contestant’s beauty has the most beautiful face of Miss Vietnam 0 0%
The contestant HHVN revealed the secret to improving measurements with easy-to-follow exercise and eating regimen 0 0%
What is more meaningful when Ngoc Han designs the ao dai exclusively for the final Miss Vietnam 2020? 0 0%
35 charming contestants on the practice floor, excitedly preparing the final night of Miss Vietnam 2020 0 0%
Top 5 Beauty Sea Miss Vietnam 2020 0 0%
Watch the beauty group “burn eyes” who look at the Night Beauty of the Sea 0 0%
Top 5 Fashion Beauty of Miss Vietnam 2020 shows off her standard body like a supermodel 0 0%
Behind the scenes, Hoang Thuy Linh, Minh Tuyet and the stars prepared for the Final Night 0 0%
Miss Tieu Vy shared that before handing over the crown to the successor 0 0%
“Ha works part time in the sewing factory and earns several hundred thousand per month” 0 0%
Meet a beautiful Vung Tau girl who won the Vietnam Tourism Beauty Award 2020 0 0%
Revealing a series of beautiful final photos of Miss Do Thi Ha and contestants 0 0%
New Miss Do Thi Ha spoke up when she was criticized for a color-making charity 0 0%