Teacher Au Ha My loves clothes around 1

Teacher Au Ha My loves clothes around 1

Monday 21/12/2020 11:07 AM (GMT + 7)

Au Ha My reached the top 5 most searched characters on Google in 2020.

Teacher Au Ha My loves costumes 1 - 1

Au Ha My is famous as the hottest teacher in Ha Thanh with a sweet beauty, fiery body, especially sexy fashion gout burning the eyes of those around. In addition, Au Ha My’s situation has also become a topic many times attracting the attention of fans.

In particular, the loudest divorce in 2020 officially called the name Au Ha My couple and actor Nguyen Trong Hung. Specifically, on August 13, 2020, the hottest female lecturer in Ha Thanh posted a status line on Facebook, declaring “everyone’s way” with her husband, before that, clip accused her husband of adultery, betray She also made many people talk about controversy on the websites. Also from this divorce, she reached the top 5 most searched characters in Google in 2020.

Teacher Au Ha My loves costumes 1 - 2

The divorce of the beautiful female lecturer and actress Nguyen Trong Hung is the loudest, most paper-consuming breakup in 2020.

Most recently, the pictures posted by Au Ha My on facebook attracted thousands of fans’ favorites with the status line “implying” the single status: “A woman doesn’t have to be the princess of any prince, but she must be the Queen of her own life”. She impressed in the white evening gown, beautiful and graceful, the highlight is the elaborate stone studded details spread along the body of the dress combined with the eye-catching slit lines. However, the most impressive thing is the outstanding taste with many stylish outfits.

Teacher Au Ha My loves clothes around 1-3

Mixing up clothes like “death” round 1 up to 90 cm of Âu Hà My in the latest images continues to become the topic of “taking over waves” on facebook.

Teacher Au Ha My loves clothes around 1-4

Au Ha My’s fashion sense has always made her the center of the crowd.

Teacher Au Ha My loves clothes around 1-6

Teacher Au Ha My is also very fond of attractive and outstanding bikini styles.

Besides the excuses, saying that it is very normal to wear sexy clothes in real life as long as when standing on the podium, Au Ha My is still discreet and polite.

There were also a lot of people who expressed disappointment about the way Au Ha My’s dress was not really suitable with the image of a university lecturer. Nam Vu account left a comment below the post of the female instructor: “Even though I know that the teacher is the same as a normal person, she has the right to dress well, but wearing the style of Ms. Au Ha My is too offensive! Looking at her in the full nurse outfit, I feel so embarrassed, the student Looking at these pictures, I don’t know what to think about my teacher “. “I thought she was a very gentle girl, I doubt she would” play around “fiercely. If she is a normal person, then it’s okay, but if the teacher takes sexy pictures and posts on facebook, it is a bit too much. bag “, said Ngoc Huong account.

Some of the other controversial outfits of Au Ha My:

Teacher Au Ha My loves clothes around 1-7

The image of 18+ branded clothing posted by Au Ha My made many people complain with the transformation of a female sailor not in the main set of blue and white clothes.Teacher Au Ha My loves clothes around 1-8

In another transformation phase, Ha’s sexiest teacher wore a black and white “maid” outfit combined with sexy lace stockings, showing off her hot body like a “volcano”.

Teacher Au Ha My loves clothes around 1-9

The “charming nurse” set is also in the collection of 18+ outfits that “pampered” by Au Ha My.

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