Terraria: Hardest Bosses & How To Beat Them

Highlights Terraria features a variety of challenging bosses, from the early stages to the late game. Players need to be creative and resourceful to defeat them. Strategies like using gravitation potions, setting up a long hellbridge, or utilizing teleporters can make boss battles more manageable. Prepare extensively with proper gear, weapons, and potions for difficult bosses like Mechdusa, Plantera, Duke Fishron, Moon Lord, and Empress of Light.

In Terraria, there are dozens of bosses that can pose a significant threat to the player. With so many stages throughout the game, even the earliest boss battles can prove to be difficult, and late-game bosses can prove to be too easy.

For a game that encourages such a broad spectrum of player creativity and choice when it comes to gameplay, players should know that there are many ways to dispatch tricky bosses, and some of them are easier than could ever be imagined.

7 The Twins The Twins boss fight

Spazmatizm & Retanizer, more commonly known as The Twins, are an incredibly formidable duo, especially in the early stages of hard mode. With flaming cursed breath, a pinpoint precision laser, and an in-your-face offense, it can be hard to find any footing against the terrorsome twins, let alone keep up with them.

Players who feel they can’t find an edge over these formidable enemies can beat them with a simple solution. Consuming a gravitation potion and switching between both upright and upside-down positions can allow the player to safely keep a distance, with the player only really needing to worry about reaching the map’s end or their gravitation potion running out. Paired with a gun that shoots fast, and a steady trigger finger, players can expect to deal devastating damage to the duo in no time.

6 Wall Of Flesh Terraria Underworld with a Wall of Flesh

While the Wall of Flesh ceases to be a threat past hard mode, taking on the wall in the games’ earlier stages of pre-hard mode can pose a significant challenge. The hellzone area is no simple task to traverse, and players will need to dedicate time and effort in order to safely build their way across it.

With enemies constantly spawning and able to do high amounts of damage to hinder progress, the set-up alone for this fight can be a tremendous effort. For those struggling to take down the wall in good time, on any difficulty there are a number of strategies that can be employed to make light work of it. Consider throwing dynamite at well-timed intervals across a long hellbridge as the Wall of Flesh approaches to quickly take it out, or stock up on Beenades.

5 Mechdusa Mechdusa boss fight

Mechdusa is an almighty amalgamation of all three mechanical bosses, and it can only be encountered on a specific seed, getfixedboi. Harnessing the power of all three mechanical bosses, it is no secret that Mechdusa has an impressive range of weaponry, and players should have a large arena ready to sustain a long-lasting battle.

Dealing with this boss, players should try to keep their distance. With so many flailing limbs and fast-paced attacks from various directions, the fight can feel pretty chaotic. Consider bringing plenty of potions as Mechdusa has immensely high HP, and once players find their fighting rhythm it becomes an endurance game. Remain distanced, buffed and healthy, and eventually Mechdusa will fall.

4 Plantera Terraria Plantera Fight

Found in one of the hardest biomes in the game, and as a fairly uncommon spawn through a Bulb, Plantera serves as a catalyst for those looking to break through into the late game, and the fight requires serious preparation. With much of the underground being tunnels and small caverns teeming with powerful jungle critters, successfully fending them off over long periods of time, while carefully cultivating a boss arena, can be extremely taxing. With an arena prepared, then Plantera has a deadly arsenal ready to be unleashed on the player.

Having a slower phase for the first half of the fight makes it simple enough with a decent-sized arena, but in its second phase, Plantera becomes fast and aggressive. Those able to successfully kite Plantera around the arena can get lucky enough to wear down her health or even kill her, but many players can find themselves dead before they’ve gotten close. With a grappling hook and a decent set of wings, players who are deep enough for the boss battle and directly below a Hellavator can utilize this to fly above the boss and shoot down, and it will struggle to get close. Players should be warned not to get too far away from the boss when ascending, as reaching the surface can make Plantera enraged, and getting too far away can cause the boss to despawn. Another quick method to dispatch Plantera would be to use two teleporters on opposite sides, switching between them frequently and firing to take little to no damage.

3 Duke Fishron Terraria, Duke Fishron

With three phases that can be devastating to the player on even the easiest difficulty, Duke Fishron is a true force to be reckoned with, and should only be approached with adequate preparation. Consider building a large arena fit to match the monster of the depths, as small arenas will leave the player with no room to move.

As players can only fight Duke Fishron in the ocean biome, deciding to branch out further than the biome’s reaches will end in disaster, with him becoming enraged and able to kill the player in a matter of seconds. With a Rod Of Discord and hasty switching, players can utilize the rod to escape danger when he closes too much distance, and then blast away at his massive health pool. While not impossible, it is not advised to fight Duke Fishron with melee, instead opt for a ranged class with honing bullets, such as Chlorophtye Bullets, to keep him at bay. Duke Fishron is one of the most difficult bosses and he can be fought at any point after hard mode, so for players having too much trouble, consider coming back at a later point for an easier fight.

2 Moon Lord terraria best melee build

With two hands, a giant eye, and a pulsating heart, the Moon Lord has an immense pool of health, and while he is vulnerable at any of these three points, sufficiently dealing enough damage while being bombarded with his devastating attacks is a task enough in itself. With a tongue that reaches out to inflict the Moon Bite debuff on the player, they’ll need to come well-equipped with an array of potions to make this fight easier, and a deadly set of weaponry to match.

For this fight, players should try to maximize their weapon class to its fullest potential, utilizing fully reforged trinkets to the specification of the build they’re trying to tailor to. For weapons, players should reforge to the highest modifier possible for maximum damage output, and for best results consider using either a ranger or melee-specific class. Going into the fight, opt for a long skybridge to allow plenty of space to zip around, and focus on dealing consistent patterns of damage as the attacks will eventually become very telegraphed. With a harmony of good armor, a plethora of potions, and a heavily forged trinket set, players should be able to take down the game’s final boss with a very satisfying battle.

1 Empress Of Light Terraria, Empress of Light

As if the Empress of Light in her nighttime form wasn’t hard enough, taking on the Empress in the day is one of the hardest challenges players will have to face. With one of the most chaotic themes in the game, the Empress has a rapid attack pattern to match. In her daytime variation, any attack can kill the player instantly, as it has the highest base damage of any boss in the game.

Players looking to consistently beat her will need to train heavily against her nighttime form, which will sparingly allow the player to take a few hits. Once players have sufficiently trained against the Empress, only then should they put their hard efforts to work against her hardest variation. Those lucky enough to hold out against her in a marathon of a fight and not get hit will be able to unlock Terraprisma, the strongest minion summon in the entire game.

Terraria is currently available on PC, macOS, Linux, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Switch, and Mobile.

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