Texas Chain Saw Massacre: Should Victims Incapacitate Grandpa Or Escape?

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre asymmetrical multiplayer game is an interactive take on the 1974 horror classic film and reprises many original characters, including the Grandpa of the Slaughter Family.

While Grandpa isn’t a playable character, he is one of the most crucial Family members Victims need to worry about. His sonar ability makes it difficult for Victims to hide from him, but players do have opportunities to incapacitate him. However, attacking Grandpa is not easy, so it might not always be worth it if players can escape instead. This guide provides some guidance on how Victims can handle Grandpa in the Texas Chain Saw Massacre game.

How To Deal With Grandpa In The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Texas Chain Saw Massacre Grandpa

At the beginning of the match, Grandpa is asleep until the Victims escape the Basement or if they make too much noise. Family members can also wake him up by feeding him blood. Once he’s awake, he will let out a shout, highlighting all moving victims in yellow for everyone to see.

Texas Chain Saw Massacre Grandpa

Grandpa will continue to scream every few minutes at level one, and he levels up as Family members feed him more blood. His screams become more frequent as his level increases. At level five, he will scream every few seconds, revealing the positions of all moving and non-moving Victims.

Since hiding is one of the most important survival methods in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Grandpa makes things increasingly difficult at max level. However, Victims can prevent him from getting to level five by wounding him and making him revert to the previous level.

Texas Chain Saw Massacre Sonny

The only way to successfully incapacitate Grandpa is to gather Bone Scraps. There are several places for Victims to harvest Bone Scraps in the Basement, and once one has been acquired, it can be used to stab Grandpa.

Killers and Victims in a scene from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

This can be dangerous because if Victims make any noise in Grandpa’s vicinity, their position will be revealed as long as they’re in his eyesight. To avoid being seen too soon, Victims need to sneak up on Grandpa if they intend to attack him. Then they must be prepared to run because he will alert the Family after being attacked.

Should Texas Chain Saw Massacre Victims Incapacitate Grandpa Or Escape?

Due to the high stakes, Victims will only want to incapacitate Grandpa once he is at or close to his max level. Otherwise, focusing on escape is the best option. If Grandpa is at level four or less, victims can still be stealthy as they seek out escape routes.

Texas Chain Saw Massacre is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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