Texas Chain Saw Massacre: Pro Tips For Family Members

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is a new take on the classic horror tale, and players can play as a Victim or a Slaughter Family member while completing objectives. The Family is tasked with guarding the exits and hunting down the Victims using their abilities and tools.

Family members get to take on four Victims with three other relatives in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Even though they are outnumbered, the Slaughter Family has several advantages that give them the edge if used wisely. Players can use this guide for tips and tricks to help them take down the Victims and complete the massacre.

Level Up Grandpa Texas Chain Saw Massacre Grandpa

The most useful tool for Family members is Grandpa. He is a stationary NPC sleeping upstairs at the start of a match. Whenever Grandpa wakes up, he will scream, and all moving players’ locations will be revealed. Grandpa will wake up if Victims make too much noise, someone escapes the basement, or a Family member levels him up.

Players can level Grandpa up by feeding him blood, and when he hits level five, his scream will highlight Victims whether they’re moving or not. Additionally, Family members who spawn upstairs cannot enter the Basement until Grandpa is awake. Players can collect blood in vials using blood buckets upstairs or attacking and slaughtering Victims. Grandpa uses his scream every time he is fed, so make sure not to neglect him.

Watch For Visual Noise Alarms Texas Chain Saw Massacre Visual Alarm

Grandpa is only one way for Family members to find Victims. They can also look for visual noise cues whenever Victims trigger certain traps and alarms, including hanging bones, slamming doors, and caged chickens. Whenever this happens, Family members like Sissy and the Hitchhiker can take the opportunity to sneak up on Victims.

Additionally, when a Victim picks a lock, opens a Toolbox, or retrieves bone scraps, they will sometimes make noise. They’ll be highlighted in red with vibrating sound waves coming off of them. There are many places for Victims to hide, but Family members can find them quickly if they stay alert. Victims may hide around corners or behind doors, so check these places while moving through the areas.

Always Lock Exit Doors Texas Chain Saw Massacre Exit Doors

The worst mistake a Family Member can make is to leave an exit door unlocked. Unlike the Victims who must pick locks, Family members can go in and out of rooms as they please. This freedom means they will be responsible for shutting and locking doors behind them.

The Basement exit doors, in particular, are essential to keep secure since tracking Victims is easier in the enclosed space. Family members can also lock regular doors to try and minimize Victim movement. There are two outdoor exits that Family members must secure as well by starting the Generator or fixing the Car Battery.

Pay Attention to Stamina Texas Chain Saw Massacre Hitchhiker Customization Page

All Family members have a stamina meter that gets used up as they sprint or swing at Victims. Their stamina depends on their Endurance level, so some Family members are more suited to giving chase than others. Players may get excited if they spot a Victim, but it is best to be an opportunity hunter and swing when they get close rather than give chase for too long.

Whenever Family members’ stamina runs out, they are forced to stop, which gives Victims plenty of time to run away. Leatherface has the highest Endurance in Texas Chain Saw Massacre and is the only Family member who can cut through barricades.

Use Special Abilities Texas Chain Saw Massacre Sissy

Just like how Victims have abilities, Family members do as well. Their abilities allow them to track Victims, destroy obstacles, and set traps. Leatherface can rev his chainsaw, revealing the location of nearby Victims. He can also destroy crates, crawl spaces, and doors. Cook is suitable for tracking Victims with his super hearing ability, or Johnny can follow Victims by seeing their footsteps.

Sissy and the Hitchhiker are the best trappers, although their methods differ significantly. The Hitchhiker can set traps around the maps that Victims can get stuck in. He is alerted every time someone stumbles upon one of his deadly traps. Sissy’s powers are poison. She can poison things like health items and Toolboxes, which Victims will likely pick up. Sissy can also release a poisonous gas that slows Victims down if they walk through it.

Texas Chain Saw Massacre is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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