Texas Chain Saw Massacre: Pro Tips For Victims

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre game gives players a chance to experience the terrifying world of the movie franchise in a multiplayer asymmetrical game format. Similar to other games in the genre, players can be predators or prey as a Victim or a member of the Family.

The Victims’ main goal is to escape the slaughterhouse using stealth and environmental objects. They must stay hidden and avoid detection from the Family as they move around the maps, which can be difficult. There are a few helpful things for Victims to remember to help them survive and escape in the Texas Chain Saw Massacre game.

6 Free Yourself As Quickly As Possible Texas Chain Saw Massacre Victims

Victims will start solo and multiplayer matches tied up, hanging from a ceiling. They should not hesitate to break free as quickly as possible at the start while Family members are watching an introductory animation. However, Family members have sensitive hearing that detects Victim positions during games, and the escape attempt will be loud on the noise meter.

This should not deter Victims because Family members won’t be able to move during the animation, so if players move fast enough, they can make as much noise as they want while they get down from their bonds. Once on the ground, they can search for a Toolbox and the Basement exit doors.

5 Learn The Maps Texas Chain Saw Massacre Exit Door

Avoiding detection is one of the main jobs for Victims. The Family members will be hard on the hunt, so stay low and hidden behind objects and tall grass. Each map feels quite extensive the first time players load in, so getting familiar with the layouts is a good idea.

Players will have four potential exit methods: Generator, Car Battery, Fuse, and Valve. If a Family member starts to attack while looking for an exit, there are crawl spaces, gaps, hallways, and other areas that can be used to get away from them easier. Players can also hide in crates, but Family members like Leatherface can destroy them easily.

4 Don’t Forget About Grandpa Texas Chain Saw Massacre Grandpa

Grandpa is an interesting part of the Family and incredibly detrimental to Victims. Grandpa starts the game sound asleep, but he eventually wakes up based on a few actions, including the following:

Too much noise is made The Family feeds him enough blood A Victim escapes the basement

Since these things are unavoidable, facing the wrath of Grandpa is only a matter of time during a match. Once Grandpa is awake, he will let out a scream, allowing him and other Family members to detect all moving Victims. So, Victims should pay attention to his cry and freeze immediately if they don’t want to give their position away.

Grandpa is low on blood, but if given enough by the Family, he can use his scream to see player positions regardless if they’re moving or still.

3 Avoid Chickens Texas Chain Saw Massacre Chickens

The maps are littered with noise traps and alarms that trigger when Victims get too close or walk over them. Even the stealthiest Texas Chain Saw Massacre players will be detected if they are unaware of their surroundings. Some obvious ones include hanging bones and shutting or opening doors too loudly. Additional noise triggers, surprisingly, are groups of Chickens.

Chickens are in cages almost everywhere on the map, and if players get too close, they will start clucking loudly and alert Family members. Victims should watch out for the caged Chickens around essential items, shortcuts, and exit doors. If they encounter any, they should quickly start moving away from them and hide in case they’re being pursued.

2 Pay Attention To Character Attributes & Perks Texas Chain Saw Massacre Sonny

Before starting a match, players get to choose which Victim they’d like to play as. While picking at random is an option, the best way to ensure a win is to use strategy by reviewing all the character attributes and perks.

Each Victim has a short description and menu that outlines their strengths, weaknesses, and abilities. Perks depend on which character players choose. Some perks highlight exits, allow players to stun Family members, and unlock doors. Victim attributes are measured using the following:

Toughness – Victims with high Toughness can withstand more damage and have shorter recovery times. Endurance – Victims require Endurance to maintain their stamina and refill it faster. Strength – Strength is needed to stun, grapple with, and sneak attack Family Members. It also determines how well Victims escape restraints, open shortcut doors, and turn off the generator. Proficiency – Proficiency affects how difficult it will be for a Victim to complete skilled tasks and interactions. Stealth – Stealth indicates how quietly a Victim can carry out a task. 1 Keep Two Unlock Tools Texas Chain Saw Massacre Sonny Toolbox

During a match, players will have access to two inventory slots. These can hold helpful items that serve specific purposes, such as healing, unlock tools, and stunning items. While maintaining health is important, Victims are better off ensuring they are well-prepared to open doors and exits.

Unlock tools are found inside the blue Toolboxes around the maps. Players can get two unlock tools from the same Toolbox with enough inventory space. To get inside a Toolbox, interact with it, to play a small skill check game. After completing this skill check, Victims are awarded an unlock tool. Be ready to hide or run because this action triggers a loud noise that alerts Leatherface.

Texas Chain Saw Massacre is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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