April 13, 2021

Thai PlayBoy magazine model wears tattooing

Thai PlayBoy magazine model wears tattooing

Sunday, January 10, 2021 19:36 PM (GMT + 7)

This beauty has a sexy style of dress, especially how to wear tattoos in dangerous locations.

Thai PlayBoy magazine model wearing tattoos - 1

N’Pop Onanong Wongsila is an underwear model and also the “muse” of the Thai men’s magazine Play Boy. The beauty stands out with a beautiful look with a beautiful standard body, especially sexy fashion style. This can be seen through the pictures she posted on her personal page with 300,000 followers.

Thai PlayBoy magazine model wearing tattoos - 2

The beauty of the land of the golden pagoda has a variety of styles of clothing, although they bring the same sense of charm, but the expression is not the same. Sometimes N’Pop Onanong Wongsila wears bikini, tight skirts or sportswear. Her sexy photoshoot sometimes has a bit of an innocent direction, other times it becomes an adult.

Sample of PlayBoy Thai magazine wearing tattoos - 3

The beauty is quite diligent in wearing sportswear, especially when it is no longer confined to thinking about baggy clothes. In fact, this is also a powerful “weapon” to help women show their body curves. A common choice of many girls is a sports bra combined with leggings, tight – moderately open.

Sample of PlayBoy Thai magazine wearing tattoos - 4

It is not necessary to wear girly outfits to show charm. Sometimes, N’Pop Onanong Wongsila chose to wear a croptop with jeans and a denim jacket, but still cleverly showed off her waistline. In addition, the beauty also uses umbilical tips to make the look more impressive.

Sample of PlayBoy Thai magazine wearing tattoos - 6

Or croptop with hot pants is also a good choice. With short features that help create the feeling of long, slim legs, even though the scandal is still notorious, women are still choosing. When mixed and matched with a croptop, the pose is as effective as doubled. Just pay attention to the length you absolutely do not worry about.

Sample of PlayBoy Thai magazine wearing tattoos - 7

In particular, Thai beauties also cleverly wear costumes that not only show off curves but also show off their tattoos. N’Pop Onanong Wongsila not only tattooed on the arm but also “inked” on the ribs, thighs, waist, … And of course, the bikini is the item that shows this beauty the most.

Thai PlayBoy magazine model wearing tattoos - 8

N’Pop Onanong Wongsila often chooses special minimalist two-piece swimsuits in style. Not everyone is confident in wearing bikinis like this because if the body is not perfect, you will be accused of defects immediately, so people often only see those who have a beautiful body to choose to wear.

Sample of PlayBoy Thai magazine wearing tattoos - 9

In addition, N’Pop Onanong Wongsila is even more daring with underboob design – revealing the chest legs or the crank shape is somewhat dangerous. In particular, tattoos do not make a beauty lose their femininity, but on the contrary, it makes her even more attractive. Although tattoos are still met with suspicions, they are not bad at all.

Sample of PlayBoy Thai magazine wearing tattoos - 10

As a model of a men’s magazine, it is not surprising that N’Pop Onanong Wongsila is willing to take sexy concept photos with underwear or even semi-nude. However, the images of the beautiful people are quite delicate, not being criticized or making others feel “sticky rice”.

Sample of PlayBoy Thai magazine wearing tattoo show - 11

With the development of the social network, many foreign models are also known, but not everyone is appreciated and retains their charisma. The beauties emerging from the pictures show off their bodies can hardly stand, accompanied by scandals that affect the name.

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