Thanksgiving in a Turkey’s Perspective

Thanksgiving in a Turkey’s Perspective

It is that time of year again. They are going to take me. I am walking all by myself on my peaceful field. My peaceful field. Then, they get me. I know where I am going. I am going where the other turkeys are going. I am going to get pounded. Do you what pounded means? I am going to get frosted. I am going to be dead. Dead like all turkeys every year. Every year, they call it Thanksgiving. They say that Thanksgiving is a holiday for humans. Humans as in one of our consumers.

They say that we are yummy. No, I do not wish to be yummy. They say that they are thankful. What does thankful mean? Why do we, turkeys, have to be the consumers’ target on this holiday? I just don’t get it. I heard that other turkeys got pounded. They knew the drill like me. They had these questions in their minds. Why it has to be like this? Why is Thanksgiving so important to these human consumers? Why do they need to eat us? There are other animals that they can eat so why us? I know that turkey and Thanksgiving both start with a T but that is still not a good justifiable answer at all.

When I meet up with the other turkeys in the truck, I ask them, “Why do we need to be eaten on this so-called Thanksgiving?” One turkey says that the first Thanksgiving was like that. Turkey was the main meal for dinner during that time. I say, “Oh, really? Those human consumers have to choose us, huh?” In my mind, I just want to go home.

Then, that turkey says something. He tells me that Thanksgiving is a holiday where people are grateful and say thank you to their loved ones. I do not understand at first but then, I understand what he is talking about. I remember the memories of my family. My siblings and my mother. I love them very much and they have given me a happy life. I would like to say thanks to them for giving me these nice memories. They are not with me now. I think that they have faced this fate as well.

When the truck arrived at the place where they will pound us, the turkey says, “Everyone, brace yourselves! The inevitable is here! Think of nice memories!” And I do as he says. In my mind, I think of my family as they pounded me. I thought that it would hurt but it does not hurt. When I think of my family, I feel grateful. Very grateful. Now, I understand what these humans called “Thanksgiving.” I never say this of my predators but I hope that they have something to be grateful for.

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