The American Drudge Report Is Losing Its Credibility

The American Drudge Report Is Losing Its Credibility

The Drudge Report has been critical of President Donald Trump since last July, when the President made comments about building a border wall in Colorado. In the same month, the report led with a doctored map of the southwest United States. Earlier this year, the report criticized Trump for saying that he’d pay more taxes than his Republican opponent. However, the report’s anti-Trump rhetoric has grown since the impeachment proceedings began.

Although Drudge’s popularity has declined by 40% since its founding in 1997, his work continues to set the tone for media and national political coverage. Its website has been a source of controversy for a long time, and some users have called for its shutdown. It’s hard to believe that a website that focuses on the most controversial topics is now losing its credibility. The American Drudge Report is an important part of the media landscape.

The Drudge Report has been critical of conservative media outlets, including Fox News and conservative radio hosts. While the majority of Americans have a negative opinion of the president, the Drudge Report reflects an entirely different view. In August, Drudge’s audience fell 42 percent, trailing outlets like the Daily Caller and Gateway Pundit. The Drudge Report has been a key part of conservative media for many years, but the recent decline in its audience is a sign that the right-wing media are losing viewers.

While Drudge’s reporting is a controversial topic, his writing continues to be a staple of the political landscape. During the past several months, he has been a staunch critic of conservative news media. He has also been critical of the conservative media in general. In fact, he has endorsed conservative radio hosts and commentators and has authored several books. While Drudge’s views have been criticized by some, their influence is still undeniable.

As of this writing, Drudge’s website has a unique history. It has been around for twenty years, and it was first launched as a small blog in Hollywood. It was an early example of right-wing fake news. It had giant headlines and screamed sirens. It had no commercials. Its reputation was built on its brand name. It became a major force in the political world.

Despite the inflammatory tone of the Drudge Report’s articles, it has earned the reputation of being a pioneer in digital media. The ‘Obama Phone’ video, which was released by the conservative media in an exclusive, has been viewed more than a billion times. The controversy surrounding the ‘Obama Phone’ ad is a case in point. In 2001, it was the ‘A Nation Challenged’ ad that allegedly revealed the President’s racist stance.

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