The beauty guessed the score of the match in Vietnam

The beauty guessed the score of the match in Vietnam

Tuesday, June 15, 2021 20:39 PM (GMT+7)

Vietnamese beauties boldly predicted the score in the match between Vietnam and the UAE on the evening of May 15 to win the right to continue at the 2022 World Cup.

Do My Linh recalls the times of celebrating the victory of the Vietnamese team and looks forward to good results for the match against the UAE.

Fans will have a sleepless night to watch the match between the Vietnamese team and the UAE team, in Group G of the 2022 World Cup. Although the screening time is quite late at 23h45 Vietnam time, it does not work. decreased cheering spirit from Vietnamese audience.

Before the match, a series of Vietnamese beauties boldly predicted the score as well as made their own personal comments.

Miss Do My Linh confided: “I think this will definitely be a difficult challenge for the Vietnamese team, against a strong opponent like the UAE team. Although I really want to celebrate the victory, I rationally think tonight can be a match. And, tonight’s draw isn’t too bad for us I predict 1-1.

In addition, although the head coach, Mr. Park, was not directly directed, he and the coaching staff certainly worked and practiced, making plans ready for any situation. I believe in the good work of the coaching staff and this does not affect our strikers.” – The queen shared her opinion when she knew that Mr. Park was fined 2 yellow cards, so he could not play.

As the generation of beauty queens of the Z gen, Tieu Vy has an interesting way of predicting the score. Accordingly, she made a deal with runner-up Thuy An. She predicts that the score of the Vietnamese team winning the UAE team is 2-1. If she loses the bet, Tieu Vy accepts to clean the house for a month for her seniors.

Tieu Vy hopes that Vietnam will win as predicted so as not to have to clean the house.

“Pearl of Bolero” Lily Chen predicted the score 1 – 0 in favor of the Vietnamese team. According to her observation, this score was predicted based on the first leg that the two teams met at My Dinh Stadium in 2019. At that time, 24-year-old striker Tien Linh was the one who created the goal. Lily Chen expects the scorer in this kick to be Tien Linh or Quang Hai.

“I also follow the football news in the past few days, I know that this match will be played at Zabeel Stadium – this is the stadium that helps the UAE get 5 wins and 1 draw regardless of the competition conditions at this stadium. Moreover, I have also heard that Vietnamese fans only have a few hundred tickets to support the field. But, I believe these things will not affect the competitive spirit of the Vietnamese team. Good luck to the team. won as expected by Mr. Park, only winning is not allowed to lose.” – the female pearl said.

Lily Chen looks forward to a goal from Tien Linh or Quang Hai.

One of the long legs is a genuine fan girl of the king sport, to mention Swan. She watches both World Cup and Euro matches. The actress predicted the score 1 – 0 in favor of Vietnam. “I think this match is quite intense. The two teams will keep the score in the first half. After that, the second half, the Vietnamese team broke through to score.

As for the media reporting that UAE fans predict the score 70 – 0 in favor of them, it is too delusional. However, in terms of entertainment, I boldly gave the score 140 – 0 in favor of the Vietnamese team. Because everyone has the right to dream about the team they love, it doesn’t blame them. If so, the standard time would be 30 seconds to score once.” – Funny Swans share.

Thien Nga predicts that Vietnam will score in the opponent’s goal.


Both have beautiful beauty and impressive fashion sense.


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