The Cheapest Car Insurance in California

California is the sixth most expensive state for car insurance in the U.S., with an average annual premium of $611 for the state minimum coverage and $1,974 for full coverage. The cheapest car insurance company in California is CSAA, which comes under the state’s average at $524 per year.

Your location, among other factors, will impact your insurance rates. In California, drivers who live in Crescent City and McKinleyville have the cheapest car insurance premiums for state minimum and pay a little under $600 annually.

Most states, including California, require drivers to carry car insurance. Depending on their budget, drivers may opt to get the state’s required minimum coverage, a policy that provides full coverage, or something in between the two. In this review, we’ll compare the cheapest car insurance in California and some of the factors that determine your insurance rate. 

Cheapest Car Insurance in California

Compared to other auto insurers in California, CSAA Insurance and Geico are the cheapest insurers. Customers with state minimum coverage from either of these two providers can potentially pay less than $650 per year. Full coverage with any of the listed insurers in California can cost over $2,000. CSAA Insurance is also amongst the cheapest insurers when considering the cost of full coverage, but Mercury is the cheapest.

Provider Full Coverage State Minimum
Mercury Insurance $2,086 $680
CSAA Insurance $2,326 $524
Wawanesa General Insurance $2,350 $846
Geico $2,366 $629
Interins Exchange Of The Automobile Club $2,594 $692
Infinity Insurance Company $2,671 $931
State Farm $2,808 $867
United Financial $2,887 $773
Farmers $3,048 $1,108
Mid Century Insurance Company $3,048 $1,108
21st Century Insurance Company $3,153 $1,123
Alliance United $3,197 $913
Allstate $3,289 $1,142

Information accurate as of 11/25/2020

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Cheap Car Insurance in California by City

If you live in the Californian cities of Crescent City and McKinleyville you can expect the cheapest insurance rates for state minimum liability-only coverage. Cities with the cheapest full coverage include Los Osos, Bishop and Anderson. 

A number of factors are used to determine a person’s car insurance rate.Location is one of these factors, so people will see a difference in their rates if they live in urban areas. This is largely due to higher vandalism, accident and theft rates in urban areas than those in small or rural towns. 

30 cities with the cheapest insurance in California

City Full Coverage State Minimum Liability Only
Los Osos $2,104 $638
Bishop $2,122 $605
Anderson $2,130 $638
Crescent City $2,136 $596
Yreka $2,152 $631
Morro Bay $2,154 $665
McKinleyville $2,156 $599
Arcata $2,161 $619
Orland $2,162 $648
Red Bluff $2,165 $650
Lompoc $2,166 $650
Arroyo Grande $2,169 $668
Nipomo $2,173 $654
Fortuna $2,181 $607
Redding $2,182 $675
King City $2,188 $616
Willows $2,194 $635
Paradise $2,195 $707
Atascadero $2,205 $641
Lakeport $2,210 $629
Pacific Grove $2,215 $709
Susanville $2,217 $612
Corning $2,225 $644
Grover Beach $2,228 $691
Cloverdale $2,245 $636
Cottonwood $2,253 $654
Chico $2,255 $708
Soquel $2,265 $704
Shasta Lake $2,266 $671
Penn Valley $2,266 $685

Cheapest Car Insurance Rates in California With a Prior Accident

If you have a previous accident, the cheapest car insurance in California for you will likely be with CSAA. The company’s average full coverage premium only increases about 11% to about $2,500.

Driving record is one of many factors that determine your car insurance rate. If you are a California driver who has a car accident on your record, even if it is just one, you will likely pay more for insurance than a driver with no accidents on their record would pay. 

Provider No Accident* 1 Accident* Difference
CSAA Insurance $2,240 $2,500 10%
Mercury Insurance $1,791 $2,676 33%
Wawanesa General Insurance $2,179 $2,692 19%
Geico $2,082 $2,937 29%
Interins Exchange Of The Automobile Club $2,376 $3,030 22%
State Farm $2,593 $3,239 20%
Infinity Insurance Company $2,238 $3,569 37%
United Financial $2,552 $3,575 29%
Farmers $2,688 $3,811 29%
Mid Century Insurance Company $2,688 $3,811 29%
Alliance United $2,713 $4,510 40%
Allstate $2,771 $4,557 39%
21st Century Insurance Company $2,493 $4,852 49%

*Full Coverage

California Car Insurance FAQs

If you are interested in insurers who offer the cheapest rates for state minimum coverage, you will want to look into CSAA Insurance and Geico. You will want to look into Mercury and CSAA Insurance if you are interested in insurers who offer the cheapest rates for full coverage.

In California, the cost of insurance will vary based on the insurer and the type of coverage, but the average cost of insurance is $1,974 for full coverage, while the average cost of insurance is $611 for state minimum liability coverage.

Car Insurance Profile

To select the cheapest car insurance in California we used’s data, based on the profiles of a 30-year male and female. For full coverage, the details used were the following:

  • $100k bodily injury liability per person
  • $300k bodily injury liability coverage per crash
  • $100k property damage liability coverage per crash
  • $500 collision coverage deductible
  • $500 comprehensive coverage deductible

Minimum coverages were applied to match state requirements. Both drivers used a new, financed 2018 Toyota Camry, commuting five days a week and driving 12,000 miles per year. Since auto insurance rates vary widely among different profiles, we encourage you to compare options that fit your specific needs.


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