The Next Four…

The Next Four…

I have chosen to be in college for a variety of reasons. Learning is something that I truly enjoy, yet the monotony and repetition of high school assignments made me lose my love of it a bit. College has an almost elusive feel to it, you are exposed to so many unique classes, people, experiences, etc, it can be difficult to keep track of it all. I am typically a Type A individual when it comes to how I plan out my days, but I have decided to just embrace the unknown when it comes to these next four years.

To be fully transparent, I regret not getting super involved in high school and I have made a personal goal to fully immerse myself into the college lifestyle while still being able to balance work and play. Especially with online school as a result of Covid-19, it has helped me realize how my own learning style hurts and helps me. Sitting in my room at home attempting to be engaged in the classroom conversation is mentally draining, I found myself getting more exhausted from virtual learning rather than a long day physically in the school building. Being back in a classroom adds a unique element to education, one that many of us have taken for granted. Students being in an actual classroom allows for real engagement, not the false sense of it we get from classes being on Zooms and Google Meets.

I chose to be in college this fall rather than take a gap year because I need consistency and structure. During the pandemic, I found myself stuck in a rut of long, repeated days. College is giving me an opportunity to be outside of my comfort zone and while it hasn’t been a smooth transition, the good outweighs the bad. I have realized that being uncomfortable can be good even if it is not exactly how I want to feel. Life is not supposed to be easy all of the time.

I want to welcome these next four years with open arms and an open mind. The skills that I know I will learn during my time here will be crucial for integrating myself into the career path I will go down. Being able to attend college is a privilege, and I intend to make the most of it.

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