“The profit from movies is not what is ahead

“The profit from movies is not what is ahead

Referring to director Luong Dinh Dung, movie-loving audiences will immediately remember the film Father carrying children. Director Luong Dinh Dung’s debut film has brought many prestigious awards such as: Best Asian Film at the 36th Iran International Film Festival. Best Screenplay Award at the Film Festival Vietnam 20th, Best Foreign Film Awards at the 26th Arizona International Film Festival …

Event - ĐĐ Luong Dinh Dung: 'Profits from movies are not immediate numbers'

Director Luong Dinh Dung

Not only making a mark with valuable awards, Luong Dinh Dung is also the first Vietnamese to work as a film advisor at Tallinn Black Night International Film Festival – Class A Film Festival, top 15 largest film festivals in the world recognized.

Currently, Luong Dinh Dung is in the Top talented directors of Vietnam as he always cherishes new films with many creations such as: Sleeping City, 578: Madman’s Shot, Hungry Ghost: Code 45, Rampage Girls

Recently, on the official website of the 19th Pune International Film Festival (PIFF) has announced a list of judges, including director Luong Dinh Dung. Before the plans of 2021, he had some shares with Reporter Law.

Hello director Luong Dinh Dung, you are often known as an investment film producer with a “huge” budget, why are you “willing to play”?

I do not make movies for anyone, but I do movies out of passion. Not a huge cost will bring high profits, but I thought, “expensive to slice”, I will invest in a high-class, humanist film that will take away many people’s tears. Movies are often filmed in the city, with budget ranging from 10-20 billion. Father carrying children once made a stir when it revealed a budget of 18 billion for a movie without any stars. This time, I play more when I intend to make a work with a huge budget of up to 60 billion VND.

This is a script written by me and I really like it, it’s a big story, complicated character relationships. I want to create a big, big film that can spread quickly, not only in Vietnam but also internationally.

Event - ĐĐ Lương Đình Dũng: 'Profits from movies are not the immediate number' (Figure 2).

Directed by Luong Dinh Dung, HH H’hen Nie and film actors 578: The bullets of the madman.

Many directors often keep secret costs of filmmaking, but Luong Dinh Dung is not afraid to publicize “huge” costs to make blockbuster movies, are you afraid of being proposed?

I do true art but I have nothing to hide. I come out because I do real art, invest real. Right the first movie I made was Father carrying children also up to 18 billion.

The movie has an actual recording time of 62 days, including the additional shooting date, the total recording time is close to 80 days. Most movies are shot within a month’s time. The reason for the recording time Father carrying children was doubled like that because I asked the crew from actor to film to do it again many times. The cast is mostly amateurs, mostly children, but the director is still very strict to perfect each scene. I think that profit from movies is not what is ahead. I make movies out of my kindness, of society.

In your opinion, in addition to the film budget, what factors determine the success of the film?

Outside of the budget for filmmaking, the most important thing is that the film has a good script. Actor selection must also be careful. Sometimes I also find myself too strict, that the casting team dozens of people, have to use the right word “plow” a lot, a whole year to find the actor that I find suitable for the film.

Sometimes I intend to lower my requests down, but maybe right after that I still keep my requests. A movie, apart from money, effort and time, one thing a director can “hurt” throughout his career is to choose the wrong actor. Actors when they are on the screen, they have the top responsibility and responsibility to conquer the audience. If it is wrong, it will be considered as a cracked gem, the effect will also fail.

Can you talk about your plans for the year 2021?

I am still working on art projects that are in progress and will be available to the audience soon. Recently, I was officially selected as the Judge of the 19th Pune International Film Festival Pune International Film Festival (PIFF). This is an annual Film Festival held in Pune, Maharashtra, India since 2002.

I am honored to be the first Vietnamese International Judge of the prestigious Film Festival. I am one of five prestigious international judges elected by the Film Festival Council to select the most prestigious award in the Category World Competition Selection.

Event - ĐĐ Lương Đình Dũng: 'Profits from movies are not the immediate number' (Figure 3).

Director Luong Dinh Dung at the Tallinn International Film Festival Black Night.

Do you feel pressure to participate in such a prestigious Film Festival?

I am happy to be invited to join our jury Pune International Film Festival and hope to learn a lot from this position. I accepted because this is a high quality Film Festival, judges famous and allows judges to work remotely.

Every year, the Film Festival receives nearly 2000 entries from nearly a hundred countries around the world such as Switzerland, France, China, the Netherlands, Portugal, India, the Philippines, … intended for International film excellence 10 Lakhs is equivalent to about 15,000 USD.

From March 6, 2021, the 5-member jury started to watch 14 finalist films to select the best film in the International category. The judges have both public and private viewing sessions, public marking and secret ballot. This will be an opportunity for me to learn how to make films by directors around the world to choose the quintessence of filmmaking techniques to apply in Vietnam.

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