The Sims 4 Creators to Watch

The Sims has long been a favorite for life simulation games. Since the first one was released in 2000, it has given players space to showcase their creativity with their virtual families and homes. When The Sims 4 came out in 2014, players were able to enjoy more advanced customization features to improve their Sims’ world.

Nearly nine years since it was released, The Sims 4 now has a plethora of expansion packs and customization options. This inspired several creators to create custom content (CC) that other players could use, ranging from unique furniture to wearable items. Many have made names for themselves in the Sims community by sharing their creations online, ensuring that there are plenty of creators worth seeking out.

Beauty Joan Campbell the-sims-4-creators-joan-campbell

A self-proclaimed fashion lover, Joan Campbell Beauty (real name Steven) is known for creating stunning women’s clothing in The Sims 4. It’s mostly hyper-feminine pieces with asymmetrical cuts and pops of color. Players who are well-versed in the fashion world might even notice how their clothes are informed by the latest trends. Joan Campbell’s custom creations are available for download from The Sims Resource.

kardofe the-sims-4-creators-kardofe-1

For those looking for interesting custom home sets in The Sims 4, Kardofe “kardofe” Alcala creates a good variety of interior and exterior items. Many of their packs are themed to suit players’ unique preferences, such as a minimalist dining room and medieval-themed house. More recently, The Sims Resource has collaborated with Kardofe and other creators for the Simxties collection. They revealed two beach-themed Sims 4 bedrooms with colorful, retro-inspired decor.

QMBiBi the-sims-4-creators-qmbibi-1

QMBiBi’s goal as a creator is to “add more flavor” through its custom recipes and food stalls. While The Sims 4 already has an extensive list of recipes, there are still many kitchens missing. QMBiBi created a famous mod called Stirring The Pot, which adds recipes for international dishes (Nigerian, Ethiopian and Thai, plus), restaurant options and table details. To make the Sims experience more realistic, QMBiBi has also created an Express Delivery mod where players can receive products at their front door.

SIMS MSQ the-sims-4-creators-msq-sims-2

MSQ Sims mainly carries custom beauty mods. As seen on The Sims Resource, her creations range from eye colors and eyebrow shapes to makeup that can be applied to Sims of various ages. They also create skin mods to add more inclusion to The Sims 4, such as the Flora Vitiligo skin detail for light and dark skinned Sims, and a detailed older male skin tone called Frank Skin.

aharris00britney the-sims-4-creators-aharris00britney-1

Best known for her beauty CCs, aharris00britney (real name Austin) creates hairstyles inspired by celebrities and characters from anime and video games. One was a braided ponytail loosely based on Ayaka from Genshin Impact. He recently released a 44-piece custom Mommy & Me fashion collection made with fellow creator Ayoshi, which will include denim skirts, sweaters, and adorable animal hats. The Sims 4 players can check out aharris00britney’s creations on her Patreon and Tumblr pages.

sarcastic witch the-sims-4-creators-snarky-witch-1

Snarky Witch is best known for their The Sims 4 pose packs, which are great for taking in-game photos. This gives players a variety of poses they can use for different situations, from sitting cross-legged on the couch with a mug to sitting on an important person’s shoulders while checking out the flowers on Mt. Komorebi from the Snowy Escape expansion. Snarky Witch has also dabbled in poseless content, so players can download mods for skin detail and a custom dress for kids on her Patreon page.

GorillaX3 the-sims-4-creators-gorillax3-1

Korean fashion designer GorillaX3 makes men’s and women’s clothing in a wide variety of colors and prints. Most of his pieces have a modern and stylish feel, perfect for players looking for streetwear items and formal coats for their Sims. In addition to apparel, GorillaX3 also designs accessories such as eyewear and jewelry sets to match her outfits.

The Sims 4 is available now for PC, PS4, PS5 and Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S.

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