The streamer’s naked clothing

The streamer’s naked clothing

Saturday, October 24, 2020 03:24 AM (GMT + 7)

Because of the desire of “guest”, many streamers have despite the open-minded change from sexy to offensive clothes when on air.

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Wearing sexy sales on livestream is a hot trend today.

Livestream online selling is currently a popular trend of many people. With the use of technology through social networks, sellers can reach customers through live recording and broadcasting. However, due to the increasingly fierce competition, sellers have also been creative when devising ways to impress buyers such as: discounts, product value increases, big promotions or even ” tricks “as sexy to excite the viewer.

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Many streamers have used the “show off” trick to sentence views.

However, because they are eager to “buy guests”, many streamer despite the bold change from sexy to offensive clothes when on broadcast. Short and open, not even afraid to wear underwear to advertise their products.

Many people have been “stoned” because of their sparing clothes. However, it is undeniable that these streamers have succeeded in attracting the attention of customers and drawing them to their products.

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This job caused fierce controversy from netizens, most of which were critical of those, for profit, despite keeping their own image.

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But it seems that the more open the audience, the more people watch because it stimulates curiosity.

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So many viewers wonder if they’re on a shopping or modeling page to show off.

Streamer's open clothing - 7

Besides the objectionable comments, many people think this is a creation that does not violate the law.


Many women innocently put them on the street and forget that they are becoming the focus of all glances.


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