The Year Of Living In The Moment

The Year Of Living In The Moment

As I reflect on 2021, I think about what the year truly consisted of. I think of the friends and family that I spent it with, the trips that I never thought I would go on, and the overall gratefulness for everything that this past year has made me realize.

I also think of how fast this year has gone by and why it seemed to fly by so quickly. It seemed that I had got so invested in the routine of waking up, getting ready, working, going to class, and studying that I didn’t spend time this year just being. My Google Calendar had something on it every hour of the day, leaving my free time to be eating meals and watching “New Girl” at the dining halls, working out, and spending minimal time with my friends.

Although I love and enjoy everything I’m involved in on campus and at home during breaks, I find myself longing to be more in the moment and capture the moment — whether that’s through journaling, taking photos and videos, or just being there in the moment. I’ve always been a sentimental person, but I realized at the end of this past year that I didn’t have as much time to enjoy spending time with myself and others as I wanted.

I always had a job throughout the year, whether it was as a barista, an intern, or an intern and a mentor at the same time. Although I’m extremely grateful for those experiences and the opportunities they’ve given me, I want to spend more time making memories with the people and organizations I love.

As I look into 2022, I see how the experiences that I have planned and living in the moment go hand in hand. Studying abroad, exploring my future in counseling in a child care internship role, and potentially becoming an RA are only a few of the things where having new experiences and building new and supporting old relationships are key.

Living in the present moment will be a blessing in 2022, and I look forward to having a new mindset of learning, living, and creating memories with my loved ones — being grateful every step of the way. Take this as a reminder that grinding all the time is not what’s important to life — just being in the present moment is the key to life. Cheers to worrying less, celebrating our successes more, supporting our loved ones in their endeavors, and creating memories in 2022.

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