This Is What The iPad Air 3 Will Look For Latest Style

Apple will announce their new iPad Air 3 at a press event next month, the company is also announce their smaller iPhone 5SE smartphone and some new versions of the existing Apple Watch.

We previously heard that the new iPad Air would have a similar design to the iPad Air 2 with some of the features of the iPad Pro.
One of the features that the device will inherit from the iPad Pro is four speakers, the new iPad is also said to have a flash with the rear camera.
The guys from Engadget have received a drawing which apparently shows the exact dimensions of the new iPad Air 3 and also the design of the device.
As well as the changes mentioned above, it will also come with a smart connector on the side to allow it to use a new range of smart accessories which will include a new keyboard similar to the one on the iPad Pro, the device will also support the Apple Pencil.

The addition of these new features will mean that the new iPad Air will be slightly thicker than the current model, the device will apparently be 0.05mm thicker and 0.1mm wider than the current model.

We are expecting the device to get a number of hardware upgrades, which will include a faster Apple A9X processor, more RAM and some updated cameras, as we mentioned earlier the rear camera will also come with a flash.

Pricing of the new iPad is expected to be the same as the current model, Apple is expected to drop the price of the iPad Air 2 and also stop selling the current first generation iPad Air when the new model is introduced.

We will have more details on Apple’s next generation iPad Air and also the new iPhone 5SE when they are made official next month.

Source Engadget

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