Thuy Tien shines with the national costume “Blue Angel” at Miss Grand International 2021

Thuy Tien shines with the national costume “Blue Angel” at Miss Grand International 2021

Wednesday, December 1, 2021 10:06 AM (GMT+7)

Thuy Tien beamed on the night of the national costume competition, showing off her catwalk skills on 20cm high boots.

Thuy Tien scored in the hearts of the public with the night of the national costume contest.

On the evening of November 30, Nguyen Thuc Thuy Tien represented Vietnam to bring her national costume to perform at the Miss Grand International 2021 beauty arena. This year, the beauty born in 1998 decided to choose “Blue Angel” by designer Tin Thai was inspired by the protective clothing of the frontline force against the epidemic.

Appearing in the last position, Thuy Tien took the spotlight with “Blue Angel”. The beauty smiled brightly, confidently strode along with the eye-catching wings attached to the back of the outfit. The nearly 20cm high boots seemed to hinder Thuy Tien’s catwalk steps, but watching her performance, fans were delighted to see her striding gracefully.

The pair of gilded snakes wrapped around the syringe behind the wing is also a symbol of the medical profession, making the costume even more impressive. At the same time, helping Thuy Tien convey the meaningful message of the costume. In addition, when she reached the middle of the stage, the show subtly turned off a part of the stage lights to help the wings of “Blue Angel” become more prominent. In addition, the detail of the heart attached to the middle of the chest is even more attractive when this is the color of the red flag with a yellow star of Vietnam.

Thuy Tien showed off her radiant beauty in the contest.

The performance of Thuy Tien’s national costume.

Since the announcement of the official image of the national costume, Thuy Tien as well as the designer Tin Thai have received compliments from the fans because the costume closely follows the original sketch. Accompanied by a meaningful message, Thuy Tien not only brings pride when performing in costumes with Vietnamese identity but also sends her deep gratitude to the world’s medical industry.

Before the show, the official fanpage of Miss Grand International 2021 officially announced that Miss Grand Vietnam – Nguyen Thuc Thuy Tien topped the Best in Swimsuit ranking voted by fans. Thanks to that, Thuy Tien had the opportunity to make her own set of photos, continuing to create a special impression for Vietnam’s “colors and colors” in the international arena.

In the near future, Thuy Tien will continue her journey to conquer Miss Grand International 2021 with two important contest nights, the semi-finals held on December 2, and the final on December 4.


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