Times When Blackpink Lisa Made Mom Cry With Joy

Times When Blackpink Lisa Made Mom Cry With Joy

BlackPink, the famous South-Korean girl band, has now risen to be the leading female K-Pop sensation in the world. One of the members Lisa is considered as one of the top artists. Lisa has done wonders in the industry, undoubtedly. But she has also become one of the leading faces of the fashion industry too.

According to Korea Boo, in an interview with Zach Sang Show, Lisa described her mom’s genuine reaction to her solo debut. Her mother had previously appeared on a friend’s YouTube channel to watch the “LALISA” music video for the first time.

While watching, Lisa said that she was surprised to see her mom tear up and later asked why she was crying. “My mom was crying in the video. I was like, ‘Mom! Why are you crying?” She replied with, “Oh, it’s happening! It’s happening.” Lisa explained that her mom had been waiting for her solo debut for a long time, so she couldn’t hold back her tears when she saw that it had finally come to fruition. “She’s been waiting for this for so long, so yeah, it’s happy tears.”


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